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Advice needed nearly 38 weeks pregnant, brown discharge??

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jpclarke Thu 16-Feb-17 15:44:19


I would appreciate if any of you have any advice for me. This is Baby number 3, I have been having some braxton hicks and this morning in my knickers was some brown discharge. I have never went into labour before and I am booked in for a c- section on the 27th. I haven't contacted my doctors as I haven't had any twinges today. I don't know if the brown discharge means anything... anyone else any similar experience.

Newtoday Thu 16-Feb-17 15:47:01

Could it be the plug? I'd ring your midwife, anyway.

GTS Thu 16-Feb-17 15:54:19

sounds like your plug coming away. I wouldn't worry, but call your mw anyway.

jpclarke Thu 16-Feb-17 15:56:14

Ok thanks ladies, I don't have everything I need ready for the other two kids so I was afraid to call

KateTheShrew Thu 16-Feb-17 20:59:44

Did you call your midwife in the end OP? If it helps, I'm just over 38 weeks and I've had the same today. Rang my midwife and she said probably mucus plug/show and just to watch and wait but if it turned to red bleeding or contractions or pain to ring the maternity triage at the hospital. So far have felt a bit achey and uncomfortable but nothing worse. I'm crossing my fingers and legs that the baby stays put for a few days as we have nobody to look after DS until my mum gets here on Sunday (both our families live hundreds of miles away).

jpclarke Fri 24-Feb-17 08:46:58

I had a scan on Tuesday which showed the lining of the womb was weakening so my body was gearing up for labour to start. So my c-section date was brought forward to yesterday so I now have a beautiful little girl lying here beside me.

BillyButtfuck Fri 24-Feb-17 08:57:10

Awww congratulations flowers

Melmam Fri 24-Feb-17 19:32:16

How nice congratulations hope all is well with mother and baby flowers

DirtyDancing Fri 24-Feb-17 20:23:25

smile congrats

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