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JadeyG Thu 16-Feb-17 07:47:00

Hey ladies,

I'm having lots of problems with my blood pressure so was put on Nefedipine (after nearly having a c section ar 25 weeks); this didn't work so I've recently been told to take Methyldopa instead but I'm having horrible side effects on this, so much so that my consultant has told me to stop taking them all together. I tried halving the dose just to see if that would be any better but had the same effects which lasted longer because I had a fair bit built up in my system. My concern is that due to being a severe asthmatic I am unable to take anything else (my consultant said 'it's scratching head time' and maybe we would have to try something more 'experimental' - which I'm not keen on because I wouldn't know the side effects it could have on baby and, more worryingly, neither would they) and I really don't want my baby to be delivered so early (I'm 28+4) which almost happened a few weeks ago. Have any of you used Methyldopa? If so, how did you cope with the side effects?

Thanks and I hope this all makes sense (I'm very spaced out haha)


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