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I'm sure most feel this way

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FinallyAnAvailableUsername Wed 15-Feb-17 22:28:40

but I've really had enough right now. I've name changed, with difficulty, as I don't want this connected to my usual posts.

So I'm pregnant, yay. Almost 15 weeks. I've had hyperemesis. Been in hospital for iv fluids. Been on three different medications. None of those medications seem to work. I've been unable to go to work since before Christmas. I'm now constipated as fuck. My skin has been a painful mess. I feel like I've got a permanent cold as I'm sneezing constantly. Whenever I sneeze my lip splits because they're so dry. I now have a painful shoulder like I've trapped a nerve that nothing is sorting. I spend most of my time sat on the toilet with a sick bowl on my lap and I've just had enough.

I think it would be different if I felt more of a connection to my soon to be baby. But no matter how much a try to force it the baby is still just a little grey image on a screen! Please can someone just tell me how normal this all is and that I'll feel better soon?!

needanothercat Wed 15-Feb-17 23:14:42

This is normal and you'll feel better soon!!

You sound like me last year. I've never felt so ill in all my life and that was mentally as well as physically. I eventually got the right medication going of 2x 4g ondansetron, 3x cyclazine and 1x omeprazole daily, the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. After a few weeks I slowly started to feel better day by day. I am 28 weeks now and still on the medication but am able to function.

It was the darkest time of my life when it waseast to be the happiest. I'll never forget how low I felt but day by day it got better. Scans helped. Even buying a few bits for baby too (online shopping all the way!)

My heart goes out to you as I found it terribly lonely and was even taking antidepressants for a while.

It does get better flowers

FellOutOfBed2wice Wed 15-Feb-17 23:18:28

You poor thing. Been there. Twice. No more! Had second DD in September last year and I'd spent the whole year until that point ill, weak and depressed with 5 stays in hospital, puking every day, piles on top of my piles and weird misplaced guilt that I'm not "good" at pregnancy.

This too shall pass. It's fucking appalling. Sending you all the love in the world.

And I know it's a cliche but the baby is worth it.

JayzuzMaryJoseph Wed 15-Feb-17 23:24:36

Had hypermesis with my second child. Wouldn't wish it on someone I hated!

I dint even feel properly pregnant until it passed (for me, at about 26 weeks). Before that was just a long, hellish netherworld of sickness, exhaustion and associated depression.

It WILL pass, eventually. My DD was a fairly easy birth and a dream baby after all that, so maybe you too will have a better ride of things later on down the lie? (hope so). flowers

Karmaisabitch Thu 16-Feb-17 00:00:43

Sorry I can't help with everything but a bit of advice, eat BRAN FLAKES EVERYDAY.

I suffered with constipation, ended up passing out, now I eat bran flakes for breakfast everyday, haven't suffered since

FinallyAnAvailableUsername Thu 16-Feb-17 10:31:27

Thank you all so much. I'll be sending DH to get some bran flakes today. He'll be grateful there's something he can do to help. Ive woken up with a cold today too I think. My throat is so sore.

Do you forget about all this once baby is born?! Last night I was looking up terminations and swearing to never put myself through this again. How do people go through that and then choose to do it all again?!

KikiA Thu 16-Feb-17 20:15:32


Just wanted to say thoughts are with you. It's such an ordeal. I've been lucky - HG diagnosed early and only had to go through cyclizine before they gave me Ondansetron. I'm on 8mg every six hours, but back to being sick about three times a day... substantially more if you include the severe, protracted, non-productive (aside from causing bleeding from my tonsils and haemorrhaging around my face) retching. I've been off since Monday, glued to my bed with the exception of when I want to go on an intimate exploration of the crapper. Had only been back at work for 2 weeks (after being signed off for 3 weeks) when this relapse struck.. and now also on Buccastem. Have managed, through great care from my GP, to stay away from hospital, but now even my trusty Ondansetron isn't helping anymore... with the exception of reliably causing brutal constipation.

F**king sick of it. Oh... and did I mention... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY. I haven't showered or left my bed..

So I do sympathise. It's horrible, it's debilitating, and seeing happy, smiley pregnant women is almost enough to tip me over the emotional cliff which I have been so precariously balancing on. I hope you start to find your symptoms easing off soon. Don't worry about not being able to connect to a scan photo - I'm sure once this passes (which it will) you will establish that connection.. you will have gone through hell and back to get your baby here - if anything, your connection will be far greater than a mother who didn't have to give so much of herself to see her child into the world.

Love to all xxxx

Lunalovepud Thu 16-Feb-17 20:21:25

You poor thing OP! Pregnancy sickness and feeling crap is the pits. It's relentless and it feels like there is no end in sight.

For the constipation, get some Lactulose. It makes you fart big time and if you are anything like me, may provide some minor amusement to cheer you up a bit.

No advice, just hope you feel better soon.

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