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Healthy eating gone to pot at 19 weeks!

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SAMlady Wed 15-Feb-17 14:11:01

Hi all,

Feeling really guilty as I used to eat quite healthily but since pregnancy and food aversions I am basically living off carbs, cheese and chocolate! I do want to try to eat healthy for the baby, but have gone off meat, fish and vegetables and am still throwing up. How worried should I be about this? Any tips to make things more palatable?

Pre pregnancy typical day would be:
B - Latte, overnight oats, L - salad with grains and fruit for lunch, D - scratch cooked meal with loads of veg and lean fish/meat, lots of water and 5/6 servings of fruit/veg

Now it is:
B - Latte, gingernut biscuits, L - cheese Panini or left over pasta, D - pasta, pizza or veggie cheesey thing with mash or chips, maybe with peas - but tiny portions e.g. quarter of a pizza. Still getting lots of water and drinking a fruit juice so prob on about 3 servings of fruit/veg a day.

HopeAndJoy16 Wed 15-Feb-17 18:39:14

I wouldn't worry too much, I'm similar to you and went off a lot of veg and meat. The baby will absorb the nutrients it needs, just try and make sure you're taking a pregnancy multivitamin with Vitamin D in to keep your stores topped up. Xx

user1480264544 Wed 15-Feb-17 18:41:27

Mine has too although Its been since mine morning sickness went away! I have always had a good diet plenty of fresh food etc but this
Pregnancy has had me having takeaway atleast twice a week! McDonald's is all I can think abaout and if I do eat at home all I'll eat is cheese cheese and more cheese! I actually ate an entire pizza to myself!! I have become a monster and now I'm
Scared I'm going to give birth to the worlds biggest baby or I'm going to gain a tonne of weight! But genuinely I can't control my cravings for them bad stuff in life!! May I just say your diet sounds awfully healthy compared to mine so don't feeel too bad! X

Floridasunset Wed 15-Feb-17 20:35:01

I'm 19 weeks and all I want is unhealthy carbs like pizza and chips too. I'm taking pregnancy vitamins so hopefully baby is getting what she needs.
Yours doesn't sound too unhealthy OP!

Laura2507 Wed 15-Feb-17 22:31:39

I'm 14 weeks and my aversions started at 6 weeks. I'm usually a latte addict but not had one in two months! Anything milky I've gone off.
I'm eating carbs and cheese basically. I keep hearing cheese is popular in pregnancy, even during severe sickness cheese is still tolerable! Wonder why that is.
I worry about nutrients too but I've read enough posts that babies always seem to get what they need regardless of our diets. I just hope the food aversions don't last all pregnancy because i am also bored of my lack of menu choices.

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