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Weight gain/loss

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chelle85 Wed 15-Feb-17 10:32:05

I am trying to make sure I put on the weight that I am supposed to without gaining more than necessary but I am not sure where I should be at. The only advise given by my midwife was most women put on 2-3 stone.

In my first trimester I was constantly nauseous which was helped only by eating carbs. Because of the tiredness and sickness I also wasn't going to the gym as much as usual. I put on 5 pounds

However in the last two weeks (now at 14 weeks) the sickness has subsided and I'm back to eating healthier but with a couple of extra snacks when I have felt hungry and I am also back at my gym classes 3 times per week (5 pre pregnancy). However I have now lost 2lbs of the weight I had gained and a little worried as to whether I should be losing again.

I don't want to be eating extra for the sake of it but I am not restricting myself when I am feeling hungry I eat healthy snacks like fruit /nuts/yoghurt

To give some context my pre pregnancy weight was 120lbs (5'4")

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered Wed 15-Feb-17 16:46:01

It's totally normal to have only gained a bit (or even none) during the first trimester, don't worry. Weight gain should only really pick up in the second half of pregnancy, so you've got a while yet.

If you're eating well and not exercising excessively you'll be fine!

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