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Scan worry

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Lwlw Wed 28-Feb-07 16:33:57

My cousin and I found out we were pregnant on the same day and we were due roughly the same time. We were both really excited to be bump buddies. However she had her 12 wk scan yesterday and discovered that the baby hadn't developed, and she has therefore had a missed miscarriage. I have my scan on Monday 5th March and I'm really paranoid now that my baby won't have a heartbeat. I had an early scan at 7+2 wks because of bleeding and the baby seemed fine with a strong heatbeat. Does this mean my chance of having a missed miscarriage is reduced? Any comments would be much appreciated as I'm really worried....I want this baby so much.

Miaou Wed 28-Feb-07 16:35:23

Basically, yes - once a heartbeat has been heard the risk of miscarriage goes down to, I think, 2%.

So sorry to hear about your cousin lwiw - but the chances of you miscarrying are low

Piffle Wed 28-Feb-07 16:35:40

seeign a heartbeat does reduce the odds of a miscarriage I was told

It will be hard for you to if you have a healthy pregnancy when she has lost hers
but hopefully her time will come again soon

nogoes Wed 28-Feb-07 16:37:10

I don't have any answers for you, I just wanted to wish you luck. I had a scan at 9 weeks, it was not medically required I just wanted to be sure I was actually pregnant. The doctor said that it was a really good sign that the baby had a strong heartbeat so hopefully that is the same for you.

Lwlw Wed 28-Feb-07 16:50:32

Thank you, I feel a lot better now. My cousin is really upset and I feel so dreadful for her, especially as she's only just lost her mum and this baby was going to be her little ray of hope. I really want to support her and I hope she will feel more positive soon.Thank you for putting my mind at ease about my little one.

Lemmiwinks Wed 28-Feb-07 16:52:43

I had a scan at just over 6 weeks and was told by the sonographer that if by about 7 or 8 weeks or earlier even as in my case, the baby looks as it should and everything appears normal in the scan and most importantly they get a good heartbeat which you said they did get with your scan, then the statistics are actually on an average better that 95% that the pregnancy will carry on. So don't worry, it sounds like your baby is just fine. After my scan at 6 weeks I now think it's such a good idea to have that viability scan early on b/c it does put you more at ease whilst you wait for the 12 week scan.

Mrsjaffabiffa Wed 28-Feb-07 17:27:34

I'm sorry you are having to go through this. Is not easy, I know! My sis fell pg at the same time as me, there were 4 days between us. This is my 3rd child and I am now 28weeks pg. It was my sis first much wanted after 2 previous MC. Unfortunately the same thing happened to us, the feotus didn't develop and she had to have a D&C. We were very much looking forward to doing it "together" obviously it wasn't planned at the same time as each other but we were thrilled. When she had her MC it was very sad. I found it extremley difficult to deal with and felt very guilty. My sis was very strong on the surface and I make a point of not saying much about my pg'cy unless she asks. I am worried how she will be around the time of the birth, I'm sure it will be difficult for her, even more so as it is also her birthday. Try to be supportive for her and to make sure that you are both clear about this sensitive subject. The fact that you have had a scan with a H/b is very positive. Good luck and although it may be difficult try to enjoy your pg'cy.

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