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Irregular/ectopic heartbeat

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ClaireSunflower Tue 14-Feb-17 19:37:01

Hi, has anyone else experienced this before?

I am 26 weeks and picked up a really unusual sounding heartbeat on my home Doppler. It sounded like the heart would skip a beat, then go really slow for a while then back to normal. I was so worried I went to the maternal assessment unit. They hooked me up to a machine for 30 mins and said because the heartbeat was in a normal range of beats per minute it was fine. I had to badger them into giving me a scan and when they did they found the baby has an ectopic heartbeat but said it to worry. Needless to say I am very worried. It sounds horrible to hear on the Doppler. Apparently it should eventually fix itself but I can't stop stressing about it. Has anyone else had this before?

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