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7lbs gain in a week 39+2

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steph0488 Tue 14-Feb-17 09:53:27

Basically as the title says. I've just weighed myself and I've put on 7lbs this week(39+2) tbh I haven't been exercising for the past few weeks as my hips have been really strong sore and bump quite heavy.
I've been monitoring my weight closely (used to suffer from bulimia in my early 20s -I'm 28 now) and had put on about 20lbs until now which I wasn't happy about but because my bmi was 23.5 before falling pregnant it was normal.
Had midwife yesterday and cervix still high and closed, told no sign of baby coming soon. So potentially another 3 weeks at this rate of weight gain or another 20lbs or so! My face is huge and double chin is so obvious now. I'm so worried about losing the baby weight after - especially if I've gained so much shock. Just wondering if anyone else has had this rapid weight gain in the last few weeks of pregnancy and how people managed to lose their baby weight once baby was born. Thanks smile

Lunalovepud Tue 14-Feb-17 10:06:10

Yes, big gains at the end - it's mostly water I think - it was for me - so you will get rid of it quick after baby arrives.

If you can, please don't weigh yourself anymore - you can't control what happens over the next few weeks and you will only make yourself more anxious. I know it's hard - I was terrified of putting weight on due to previous issues too. If you can get rid of the scales completely until about 6 weeks after baby arrives you'll feel better for it.

I lost all of my baby weight (2.5 stone in the end shock) in three months on slimming world. Give yourself a break.

Good luck with everything.

ILoveCheeseMoreThanYou Tue 14-Feb-17 10:12:44

Great advice, Luna!

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