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Please tell me its gonna get better...

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Hollz26 Mon 13-Feb-17 20:04:29

Im 33 weeks and im soo stressed out we currently having building work done i have a 3 year old who im really struggling to keep up with and am permanatly exhausted i dont know if its hormones but im so emotional atm and just want this baby here now im terrified of the birth this time around and so worried the stress isnt doing baby any good sad

Chosenbyyou Mon 13-Feb-17 20:14:18

Oh feel for you sad

Why are you worried about the birth this time?

I am the same weeks as you with 2.5 yo, not had a kitchen for over a month. Working 4 days per week in corporate job, doing a professional qualification where the module finishes after due date and have been told I will probably have to have a c section which I wasn't expecting.

I have no real advice just wanted you to know you are not alone! How are you sleeping? I have good nights and bad.

Take care xx

Hollz26 Mon 13-Feb-17 20:54:45

bless that doesnt sound easy im not sure why im so scared this time maybe just cos i know alot more than i did with my first and i had quite a straight forward birth and everyone keeps sayin oh it will be so easy 2nd time around but i just worry i wont get the pain relief in time and its just the unknown! Im not sleeping great due to constant trips to the loo but i am sleeping so heavy when i do! X

Phoenix76 Mon 13-Feb-17 23:12:19

It does get better! I've got through the other end. I got in such a state, I don't even know why, probably like you said I knew what was coming. I started having panic attacks and convinced myself something terrible was going to happen. I then developed OC (It went undiagnosed in my first pregnancy) and well I just lost it! They were trying to get an emergency counsellor and all sorts. I found out I'd have to be induced at 37 weeks and I was so scared I could barely breathe. But .... my birth partners (dp & dsis) explained my concerns/ fears to the midwives, once they understood they were amazing and I actually had a calm & beautiful birth experience. So I would say, talk to your midwives don't let it build up. I thoroughly enjoyed my maternity leave (I did suffer post anxiety but was still in awe of new baby). Dd2 is almost 1 now, I remember how you feel like it was yesterday but I wish I could go back in time and tell myself it'll be fine!

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