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Chloeisobelle21 Mon 13-Feb-17 16:25:53

As silly as this may sound I am 18 weeks pregnant and last night I woke up because I had been laying on my arm (god knows how long for but it had lines down it) it was completely numb and I couldn't move my little finger at all. After a min it sorted itself out but I'm worried about a potential blood clot? Does this sound normal? I don't know why but I've been sleeping on my arm a lot recently without realising.
I turn into an anxious wreck when I'm pregnant and I didn't want to post on here but just feeling like I need a little reassurance. Thank you

PurpleParadise2016 Mon 13-Feb-17 16:37:40

This happens to me sometimes (pregnant or not) and I'm not sure it can cause a blood clot? I turn completely anxious when pregnant too and really panic over health related issues and always thinking "what if". Its horrible but I just try to tell myself its just anxiety and nothing actually physically wrong with me.

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