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Severe anxiety

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Kayleighann Mon 13-Feb-17 14:29:37

Hi I recently lost a baby due to ectopic at 6 and half weeks. Since it happened I have had terrible all day anxiety.
I feel worried all the time but for no reason. I came to terms with the ectopic and don't feel like my anxiety has anything to do with the actual ectopic.
A couple of days b4 surgery I got myself in a state of painc just wanted it all over and to be honest once it was over I thought I would feel a huge relief but instead I have terrible aniexty all day long.
I went to the drs Friday in a right state and said I literally feel like I'm going crazy I can't rest or sleep or relax I feel like I'm constantly on edge. I keep crying because I'm worried I won't feel normal again.
The dr thinks it's hormonal and that it's the pregnancy hormones making me feel so awful.

I've never suffered from anxiety or panic attacks ever and now I feel like I'm constantly about to have a panic attack.

I'm trying to keep busy and take my mind of it but I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Can anyone help has anyone felt like this b4?
Dr seems to think it will just go wen hormones calm down.

Kayleighann Mon 13-Feb-17 14:34:17

I also have no appetite at all. I'm forcing small meals down and protein shakes so I am getting enough food but just have no appetite at all.
Op was only 4 days ago maybe I just need more time x

Phoenix76 Mon 13-Feb-17 23:19:55

I'm so, so sorry for what you went through 💐 I haven't been through what you went through but understand the gripping horrors of anxiety. It was only 4 days ago like you said, it could be post traumatic stress. If you start to feel worse, of course go back to your GP there are things available to help. When you get these feelings try not to let them control you. I find listening to a favourite sound on my iPad helps, like church bells, rain etc. You've been through an awful lot, you can't rush yourself through processing these emotions. Take one hour at a time. Hopefully, I can bump this for others to come here and support you x

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