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Baby just lazy??

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Karmaisabitch Mon 13-Feb-17 13:51:20

I've been back and forth to the hospital for lack of movements, every time they monitor him, he's absolutely fine, starts kicking loads.

Then, as soon as I leave, he quietens down again, il still feel movement but so so much less than I did in hospital.

I've had a couple of kicks out of him today but nothing that has stood out, im just going to assume I've a lazy baby who likes to sleep? As this is of course possible.

I'm 32 weeks on Friday, I've an anterior placenta so of course blame that too.

mrspage1985 Mon 13-Feb-17 13:54:04

What do the hospital say when u go in? I know the general rule is to go as many times as u need to check baby - better safe than sorry x

Karmaisabitch Mon 13-Feb-17 13:56:44

They monitor me, see and feel him kicking loads to the point they can't track his heart rate, laugh about it, then send me home.

Neverknowing Mon 13-Feb-17 14:05:43

I has exactly this! I didn't feel many movements the whole way through, it can be because you have strong stomach muscles! My DD is extremely chill now though so maybe it means you'll have an easy baby! Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy flowers

JessieMillz25 Mon 13-Feb-17 14:18:49

I've been to the hospital three time for reduceded movement. I always feel really silly even though the midwives are always very kind to me about it. I think my baby might be lazy but I feel worried about risking it?

Heirhelp Mon 13-Feb-17 14:22:04

Baby just like to play make you worry and it does not get any better when they are born.

I assume you try the whole hot drink, cold sugary drink, star jumps and laying on your side first. You go to the hospital as many times as you need.

Snowflakes1122 Mon 13-Feb-17 14:37:22

Always, always go with your gut. If you are worried, always get it checked. That's what the midwives are there for.
Have you got the Kicks Count app? It's really good for seeing patterns in movement.

MissMooMoo Mon 13-Feb-17 15:13:46

Mine hardly moves in the middle of the day but does when I lie down for bed and also when I wake up in the morning (I usually lie in bed for about 20 minutes before getting up)
I was a bit worried as they didnt move toi much last night but were back at it this morning.
I would go in if I was concerned!

drinkyourmilk Mon 13-Feb-17 15:23:56

I've an anterior placenta too and have been in twice so far for lack of movement. Currently 33 weeks.
The midwives at my hospital said that a high percentage of their repeat attendees have an anterior placenta, and they would far rather I come in to be checked than worry at home. I don't get kicks so much anymore, it's more like feeling baby turning or jamming itself under my ribs (little sod). If your baby has a change in patten of movements then go in. You will never regret double checking and everything turning out to be fine. The other way round doesn't bear thinking about.

babypeach Mon 13-Feb-17 15:30:35

Karma you're doing the right thing getting checked absolutely. No one will think you're silly or wasting time as others have said. Definitely if you're worried see a midwife.

That said, you said you have an anterior placenta which you're right, will make it harder to feel movement.
When you go into hospital and lie down for monitoring you are likely to be much more aware of any movement and also baby is likely to react to midwives' hands when they feel for position before monitoring and you being on your back for a prolonged period which might account for why baby is wriggling so much!

Do you feel all the movements recorded or do you just see it on the monitor? You might be able to reassure yourself a bit in seeing how much he does move even when you can't feel it?

But again always with baby's movement continue to get anything unusual checked including as others have said a gut feeling. Much better safe and reassured than risking it and worrying.

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy your nearly there! X

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