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Haemorrhoids from No1 - 2nd pregnancy

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Mylittlebird16 Mon 13-Feb-17 13:14:17

My DD is almost 1 and we are starting to think about ttc as it took us a while with our DD and we've always wanted them close together.

I had a healthy pregnancy with my DD and was v lucky (in some respects) to have a quick natural water birth that was 5 hours from my waters breaking to birth. However the downside to this is that she came quick, and I didn't get much guidance on controlling my pushing and literally pushed for dear life as I naturally wanted her out.

I realised a week or so after birth I had haemorrhoids. Tried various creams on prescription but come to the conclusion they ain't going. They are internal, and don't cause me any problems generally but I do keep an eye on my diet and am v conscious they are there.

My worry is how this will impact my second labour, and it may sound petty but it's the haemaroids that worry me over the actual labour and what I'll be left to deal with afterwards.

Has anyone been in this situation?

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