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6 weeks and bleeding

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BumblingBee89 Sun 12-Feb-17 00:24:34

Hi all,

As the title says, I'm a 6 weeks (and 2 days) today. This evening, I went to the toilet and, to my horror, there was some dried bright red blood in my underwear. Then, when I wiped, there was quite a lot of dark, almost black blood with some fairly big clots.

I had an early miscarriage in October and it just felt like the same thing again.

I went to the EPU and they were lovely. They did a pregnancy test which was positive (but I don't know how dark it was or anything. So I don't know if my levels are dropping of that makes sense)

They have booked me in for a scan on Tuesday afternoon. I have had no bleeding since and no pain.

I am so scared of having another miscarriage. I will be devastated.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this? Is there still some hope?

Paperdove87 Sun 12-Feb-17 00:31:22

Didn't way to read and run but no advice, sorry. Just hope you're ok. Have had myself and friends in this situation and it's gone either way. Thinking of youflowers

ScarletSienna Sun 12-Feb-17 00:36:27

I bled a lot from 6-14 weeks as I miscarried a twin. Before they (EPAU) knew this was what was happening, they said some women do bleed in pregnancy but that it could also be a miscarriage and the only way to tell was to wait and see which is so difficult. Teally hope you have a happy outcome flowers

Bellaposy Sun 12-Feb-17 00:40:21

I bled at 8 weeks and my daughter is a happy, healthy 8 month old. A friend of mine bled regularly through her pregnancy and had a healthy little boy. Really hope it's the same outcome for you. Good luck!

Twinklestar19 Sun 12-Feb-17 09:52:03

Hi everyone,

I really need some advice. This is my first pregnancy, I thought I was 8 weeks pregnant. This week I started to bleed (pink spotting). I called 111 and a Dr referred me to the early pregnancy unit. I had an internal scan and was told that the sac looks 5-6 weeks. She said either I have my dates wrong or I'll miscarry. I'm going back in 2 weeks to find out. I'm still bleeding (only when I wipe) it's either pink or red but no clots and no stomach pain.

Has anyone had anything similar?


BumblingBee89 Sun 12-Feb-17 10:21:37

Thank you so much everyone for your kind replies flowers I fell asleep last night so didn't see till morning.

It's reassuring to read that it can sometimes be ok. It sounds like it's 50/50.

I haven't had any bleeding since and only have some very very mild cramps, but nothing that I haven't been having the past few weeks.

I do feel very sad. I will be distraught if we have to go through it again. I feel like there's something wrong with me and feel so sorry for my husband.

BumblingBee89 Sun 12-Feb-17 10:29:31

Can I just ask, would it be a bad idea for me to take a cheap pregnancy test so I can see if the line is as dark as it has been recently? (I'm quite anxious after October so the last time I tested was only Thursday blush The line was super dark then)

Or is that just going to cause me more anxiety? I sort of what to test but at the same time I don't, if that makes sense. Because if the line has gone lighter I'll be devastated, and I'm not ready to lose hope yet.

blondie1234568 Sun 12-Feb-17 11:53:00

Fingers crossed everything is fine for you, I'm all new to this so not sure about the HPT.

In a similar boat to you, 4+6 today and woke up to bright red bleed, absolutely gutted. It does seem to have tailed off a bit but still having cramps so have a horrid feeling at the moment.

Good luck for Tuesday, surely no more bleeding or pain must be a good sign xx

Smurf123 Sun 12-Feb-17 13:48:15

Bumblingbee89 I also had a miscarriage in August.. It was a mmc. I am pregnant again atm. But I have no idea how far I am as Ive been having fairly lighting bleeding and went to doc for it not realising it could be pregnancy.. I had a scan Friday week ago all they can say is it looks fairly in line with a very early pregnancy and to come back again in 2weeks (5 more days to go!) the wait is incredibly hard.. Like u I keep thinking if I do a test and see the lines maybe it will give me an idea or in my case I thought I'd do the clear blue digital with weeks test and do 2 a week apart and see if the weeks have increased.. I did one last Sunday it said 2-3 weeks and I'm trying hard to resist the urge to do another one today. My husband thinks it won't help and could give false hope or take away hope, someone else on here has also posted that they were 7.5 weeks before the test changed to 3+ and all was fine for them so I'm trying not to do it.. But I understand how difficult the wait and see is.
The only thing I can also say is that the test last Sunday didn't stop me wondering.. keeping busy helps.. A little :-) good luck!

Seahawk80 Sun 12-Feb-17 13:53:57

Don't do the hpts- I really freaked myself out getting a lighter line at 8 weeks. I'm 20 weeks today! I had lots of episodes of early bleeding. Waiting is so hard but unfortunately it is the only thing you can do. I hope that you all get a happy outcome.

GoesDownLikeACupOfColdSick Sun 12-Feb-17 16:34:49

Lots of luck to the ladies here who are in that nerve racking phase of wait and see. I had bleeding at 7 weeks and 16 weeks and all was well, so it can be fine.

I was also told the baby was too small for the dates at what we thought was an 8 week scan but she wasn't!

Best wishes all x

BumblingBee89 Mon 13-Feb-17 09:46:32

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't replied. I'm feeling quite drained and down about it all, but I just wanted to let you all know that I'm reading your messages and really really appreciating them. It's really nice and comforting to know I'm not in this alone. Thank you flowers

BumblingBee89 Tue 14-Feb-17 16:17:59

Just wanted to update for anyone who might come across this thread and would like to know what happened.

We had our scan today...and!!!!!!!!! All is fine!!!!!!!!!! We saw the heartbeat flickering away and we were even given a picture to take away!!!!!!!!! The midwife said she things I'm about 6 weeks 2 days rather than 6 weeks 5 days but she said everything looks exactly how it should!! I cried I was so happy!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered advice and support, you don't know how much it has helped over the last 2 days flowers

To anyone going through something similar, I truly hope you get good news. It is a horrible thing to go through flowers

AnneLovesGilbert Tue 14-Feb-17 16:24:56

Just seen this thread Bumbling and I'm so pleased all is well with you, lovely news. People often forget to update and it's great that you did. Enjoy your pregnancy!

mishchan01 Tue 14-Feb-17 17:20:32

BumblingBee89, I am so glad to hear everything is fine. I am at 6 weeks today and bleed a little bit today...I can't tell if it's brown or pink, but I may call 111 too to see if they can refer me to EPU to have scan.

Seahawk80 Tue 14-Feb-17 18:39:57

Congrats bee fantastic news!

confusedinlimbo Tue 14-Feb-17 19:16:09

Mishchan01 can you ring your local EPU? I phoned mine on Monday and they said they have a 24hr triage unit and if I was unsure then come in and the nurse can see me.
I've been/spoken to them a few times in the past couple of days and they've been lovely.

My story doesn't look like it's going to end well this time around, but the support of the staff at EPU (and everyone on here) is making it easier to handle.

confusedinlimbo Tue 14-Feb-17 19:17:15

Also congrats Bee, so happy for you, love hearing when thugs turn out the way you want them!

BumblingBee89 Tue 14-Feb-17 19:59:49

Thank you everyone! You're all so kind flowers
mischan01 does your EPU have a walk in system? If not, I second the advice to give your local EPU a call - they're always happy to see pregnant woman with bleeding. Brown blood is old blood so usually nothing to worry about it - it's the bright red blood that can be a concern (That's what my midwife told me). But definitely give them a call and I really hope it all goes well for you.

confused I am so sorry things aren't going well for you. It's a horrible feeling and I hate the thought of anyone going through it. I agree with you about the EPU. After our early miscarriage in October I wrote a little thank you note to them because I was so blown away by how kind and respectful they were. flowers for you.

mishchan01 Tue 14-Feb-17 20:34:03

Thanks BumblingBee89, it is much assuring reading your post that my blood is between pink/brown. I am going to the EPU tomorrow.

Confusedinlimbo, sorry to hear that it may not be going well with you. Keep us posted.

confusedinlimbo Wed 15-Feb-17 22:51:07

How did you get on today mishchan? Hope all is ok xx

mishchan01 Wed 15-Feb-17 23:04:39

Hello Confusedinlimbo, you are so sweet of asking. I have stopped bleeding and have spoken to a GP in the morning and he reassured me that it's normal to have a bit of spotting, and I don't have any other signs of miscarriage so I am fine. My first scan is going to be next Tuesday and I can't wait.
How are you doing?

confusedinlimbo Thu 16-Feb-17 08:47:28

I'm so relieved for you! That's great news!

I'm back and forth to the hospital for blood tests, hCG levels are really really low and barely increasing. Hopefully I'll get a proper answer about what the hell is going on in my body after the blood results come back tomorrow. X

mishchan01 Thu 16-Feb-17 10:10:13

Hope everything turns out well for you, and keep us updated too.

mummabubs Thu 16-Feb-17 16:33:43

I'm so happy for you Bumblingbee. I'm 7+2 and had the horror you described of seeing bright red blood in pants this afternoon (no cramps/pain though). GP has booked me in with EPU tomorrow morning and I'm really hoping I have the same outcome you've had. Reading your thread has given me the most reassurance I think it's possible to have in this situation so thank you so much for sharing your journey xxx

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