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Book Advice

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DebsandScott Sat 11-Feb-17 23:19:08

Evening. Just found out I'm pregnant with my first and have no idea what to expect! Would love some recommendations for a good UK book. Any ideas?

qate Sun 12-Feb-17 06:22:37

I bought various ones when I found out (also expecting our first), and while I've enjoyed a couple, I think I could probably have got by without any. A few that I actually bought:
- I thought that What to Expect, while it is the main one, seemed a bit too American-focused. It is very detailed though - would possibly recommend borrowing from someone before buying it if you can.
- I have enjoyed the DK "Day by Day Pregnancy" - it's huge (A4 size, and one page per day, plus a section at the back on delivery/going home), but was interesting and I'm still reading that now (currently around 21 weeks).
- "What To Eat When You're Pregnant" was quite useful when I was flailing around not knowing what was safe, and what wasn't, but is probably superseded to a certain extent by internet advice/NHS etc.

Another option is pregnancy apps - there is so much information available on apps - Pregnancy and Baby Centre (UK) in particular are good as they provide a general overview, but also give more detailed links through to articles with additional information on certain topics.

DH (who is not a reader at all) found "Pregnancy For Me" really good (he wasn't as keen on the Expectant Dad's handbook), and I've actually found that one quite interesting as well, albeit in nowhere near as much detail as you'd get in a female-focused book.

MumBeth Sun 12-Feb-17 06:50:08

I can thoroughly agree with qate's recommendation of DK "Day by Day Pregnancy".

Also found "Essential First Year" by Penelope Leach be a helpful and informative read, the book gives pros and cons of some of the main debates surrounding babies.

My work colleague bought me "how to be a Hip Mama without Losing Your Cool" which has helped me with my confidence. The book is filled with women's experiences. I wouldn't recommend this book as much as then other two but it's still an engaging read.

Sunshinie Sun 12-Feb-17 09:15:51

'How to grow a baby and push it out' - it came out last week and is written by a midwife. Really nice book

AudreyBradshaw Sun 12-Feb-17 10:06:46

Stand and deliver..and other brilliant ways to give birth. By Emma Mahoney.
(Buy Hurrah for Gin too, it's hilarious.)

DebsandScott Mon 13-Feb-17 15:33:20

Great thanks all :-)

savagehk Mon 13-Feb-17 15:35:50

I found this one most useful:

Definitely worth looking at your local library first though smile

Hollyhop17 Mon 13-Feb-17 17:51:58

I've just finished first time parent by Lucy Atkins. Its quite helpful in being blunt on what you essentially need, what is nice to have etc. Helps when its your first and its all a bit overwhelming. Also quite detailed about after birth, which has terrified me, but at least I feel more prepared...

Celticlassie Mon 13-Feb-17 22:26:55

I have Bumpology which is a collection of columns from the New Scientist about pregnancy and birth. Not finished it yet, but it's pretty good as all the info comes from scientific studies. (But in a very readable form)

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