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Headaches in pregnancy

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JJ1612 Sat 11-Feb-17 09:38:47

I keep getting quite bad headaches that don't seem to go away with paracetamol and only seem to be on the right side. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant.

I recently had my 28 week check up with the midwife and my blood pressure was fine but I have an appointment for a weeks time just to recheck it.

Has anyone else had any issues with headaches in later pregnancy?

Spam88 Sat 11-Feb-17 09:55:09

The fact they're only on one side would suggest migraines. I'd go see your GP if I was you, they can prescribe you something stronger than paracetamol that's safe to use.

sherbertlemon17 Sat 11-Feb-17 10:15:07

I did in my last pregnancy. The migraine Kool n Soothe head strips were a god send!

vfoster Sat 11-Feb-17 20:04:24

I've had the same but A bit earlier in pregnancy. I ended up calling the midwife and they had me come into the day unit at the hospital.
My blood pressure was fine and after a few hours and some more tests they sent me home with some stronger codine. They suspected migraines but also told me to drink more water just in case.
I was drinking 2 litres a day but I upped it and did few better!
The doctor at the hospital told me to go to the GP if it keeps happening.
Hope you feel better soon

coursedarlin Sun 12-Feb-17 18:10:18

I'm suffering really badly with headaches at 18 weeks. My midwife is checking again for anaemia as this is apparently a common symptom. I used to take 30mg co-codamol for headaches so am really struggling with just paracetamol. Hope u get to the bottom of it and feel better soon

nursekayko Sun 12-Feb-17 18:18:22

I could have wrote this post! I'm 25 weeks and starting to get back migraines. Last weekend it left me with horrendous shoulder and neck pain. I spoke to my OBGYN and she says it's totally normal; paracetamol and codiene are the best things I can take for it.

Weirdly I always swear by watermelon. I think it helped once and now I'm always reaching for it when a headache strikes. Asda do a huge bottle of watermelon juice which is great.

Keep an eye on your BP. I'm always low but when I get a headache I just take it throughout the day to make sure.

WantingBaby1 Sun 12-Feb-17 19:32:25

I'm exactly the same and have been for 3 weeks, since I was 12 weeks. I've had one a week. Going to the gp if I get another next week. Totally miserable and paracetamol doesn't seem to do anything.

butterfly990 Sun 12-Feb-17 22:33:14

I would second Kool n Soothe. They are non medicinal and are amazing!

missm0use Mon 13-Feb-17 01:50:39

I had this with my first pregnancy as well, along with almost constant feeling of a blocked nose. Warm showers in the evening and steam ect helped ease both for me along with a big dose of paracetamol.

AllDayIThinkAboutFood Mon 13-Feb-17 02:04:26

I'm 16w and also struggling with headaches. This current one has been constant for 6 days now. Nothing makes them go away. I had them quite often in my first pregnancy too.

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