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Books about New baby for a 5 yo.

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Lucinda15 Sat 11-Feb-17 08:02:28

Can anyone recommend a good book about new babies/becoming big brother for a 5 year old?

Expecting new baby in June. DS is 5 and has been asking for sibling for a couple of years now. He loves babies, always drawn to them when we meet them out and about & genuinely seems very happy with the news. But recently when we talk about it he has started to seem anxious and unsure, saying things like he is worrried he will 'hurt it' and 'not sure what to do with it'. We have tried to reassure him and explain as best we can etc but I'd really like to get him a book for us to read incase it would help any other worries he has, and would help explain what to expect. Except all the books I have found seem to be aimed at much younger children.

Can anyone recommend a good book about what to expect when a new baby comes that's for older children?


Excusemyfrench Sat 11-Feb-17 09:03:48

Im a big brother / sister now. By anna Cole I think.

Short sweet and very helpful!

JOMH1982 Sat 11-Feb-17 09:24:10

Thanks for raising this Lucinda, I've been having the same conversation with my nearly 5 year old. I remember you from another thread, many congratulations! I'm due in May smile xx

Lucinda15 Sat 11-Feb-17 09:50:58

Hello jomh82 congratulations! Lovely news smile hope u are feeling well. Xxxx

fassbendersmistress Sat 11-Feb-17 10:07:05

There's also a Topsy and Tim book about a new baby, if he's into them. Waterstones usually have a small selection in their kids bit with the books on potty training etc...

I'm due in May, with DC1 almost 5. we've been making lists of the things he'll be able to help with and teach the baby (bathing, playing, crawling etc...) which I think is making him feel more involved. But have also told him that babies are a bit boring to begin with and have tried explaining breast feeding to him so he knows what to expect (if he's anything to go by I could be stuck feeding on sofa for hours at a time!!). I think the age gap will work out well....rhos age gap wasn't planned but I'm quite happy now I don't have a toddler...

Lucinda15 Sat 11-Feb-17 10:41:30

Totally agree with you fass - it's been over 2 years since starting TTC and I was beginning to worry about age gap, but in hindsight think it's worked out very well! Im really glad DS is a bit older now as his level of understanding is so much better, I feel we can discuss and explain things with more success than When he was little. Also, he is so much more independent! No nappies, can feed himself, dress himself (for the most part!), happy to spend time away from us and loves going on play dates without me. He also really likes to help around the house, and seems to really want to help when baby the moment! I am under no illusion and expect the excitement will wear off lol. I have also tried to explain that baby won't be able to do much and might be a bit boring initially. I hope he won't be too disappointed! Time will tell! X

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