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Missed mini pill HELP!

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Meg242424 Fri 10-Feb-17 23:28:27

Hi, sorry yet another 'Am I pregnant' post but I'm freaking out a bit. My last period started Jan 23rd/24th until 28th Jan. The only pill that has ever agreed with me is the dreaded micronor mini pill and so I only have 3 hours to take it.
I've somehow missed a pill. I think it was on Friday 3rd Feb. I didn't realise until 6th Feb (I have a terrible habit of asking my partner to pass me my pill before I go to sleep and between us we've missed a day around then- don't worry I wont be doing that again!)
We then had sex on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Or it might have been Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
I had a bit of random bleeding on that same Friday (3rd Feb and not unusual for me on micronor) and yesterday and today, so a week later, I've been cramping. My cycles are around 28/29 days.Every time I write dates down it seems I picked the worst time in my cycle to miss a pill! Won't be so careless ever again- but am I right? Was this the most dangerous time to miss a pill? I know how risky Micronor can be so I'm extra concerned really.

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