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Found out I am 9wks, terrified

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user1486681058 Fri 10-Feb-17 23:25:10

So I very recently found out that I'm pregnant. I think I'm about 9 weeks, but due to a possible miscarriage at the start of the year i am unsure.

I thought I had an ovarian cyst, but the doctor said that while its symptoms were likely all due to pregnancy, they'll be able to detect it, if its there, in a scan.

I was just wondering if a few things are normal, or if I should worry. I've been getting a weird tense feeling in my belly, and really sharp stabbing pains near my right hip. I also have a rash under my chin (could be acne... never had acne in life) and keep going very pale and very hot. I feel so hungry but so sick, mostly at night. Ive been getting stabbing pains in the back of my lungs and a very strange 'sore' throat which was just painful panging, unrelated to swallowing... the right side of my abdomen is throbbing as i type!!! I AM ALWAYS SO TIRED, even after sleeping for 15 hours.... Am I ill or just pregnant...

HN42 Sat 11-Feb-17 09:48:04

A lot of these symptoms sound very similar to early symptoms I had - I had a rash on my arm, felt hungry a lot, exhaustion, stabbing pains (although these were mainly fleeting pains that came and went but generally lasted 30 seconds at most).

As for the being pale and hot and the sore throat it sounds like you could have a fever as you may have a virus.

You also say most of the pain is on your right side of your abdomen - if this pain is more than mild or you are having pain for long periods of time, I would ring your GP just to get this checked out. Anything you are worried about I always find its best to ring a GP rather than worry yourself. Pregnancy is unfortunately different for everyone so nobody can tell you whether your symptoms are normal as normal for one person isn't normal for the next person.

BlahBlahBlahEtc Sat 11-Feb-17 09:51:37

I had an early scan due to sharp stabbing ovary pain on my left side for 7 weeks. It was nothing, just because I ovulated on that side or something. Also I had most of the othet symptoms you mentioned.
If you have a scan will it put your mind at rest a bit? If so ask for one, they'll give it to you if you're worried and have pain.

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