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Stupid question

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Elkalv Fri 10-Feb-17 21:51:40

Probably but do you think it's dangerous to try to feel your baby by palpating your own baby bump? I think it should be ok but then I don't know maybe they are very fragile or I might scare baby?)) I am around 16 weeks

OuchBollocks Fri 10-Feb-17 21:56:52

They're probably too small at 16 weeks, but you would hurt yourself long before you hurt your baby - they're protected by your skin and muscle and the uterus and sac and amniotic fluid. I'm 36+3 now and can sometimes irritate mine a bit by poking him back when he's poking me smile

Elkalv Fri 10-Feb-17 23:59:52

Lol that is lovely experience I d love to feel the baby in some way. do you feel baby fighting and kicking back or try to move away?)

booellesmum Sat 11-Feb-17 00:08:10

I used to poke mine all the time to make them move - especially DD1 when she got herself up by my ribs.

Spam88 Sat 11-Feb-17 00:53:24

My mum and husband keep telling me off for liking the baby to try and get it to move grin

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