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Did you have more kids knowing scary high risk birth ahead?

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silverfishlondon Thu 09-Feb-17 13:56:25

Just had second child. I have 2 healthy kids. Although low risk pregnancys ive had 2 emergency c sections, the second particularly bad due to complications in the surgery. I always thought we would want a third child and i know we both still do really, but terrifies me going through that again. Been told id need a senior consultant doing planned section. (Last time was bad due to scar tissue and next time would be so much more scar tissue as they had to make 2 separate uterine incisions)
Anyones experiences on whether you did or did not have more kids knowing you had a scary birth ahead?
Why cant i be happy with 2 kids, or will the feeling of wanting 3rd never go away?

GiveMeVegemite Thu 09-Feb-17 14:02:40

Hi, I was in your situation. Emergency c section with my first because his heart stopped, then horrible infection in the wound and then preeclampsia post birth.

I had another son, they couldn't find the right spot in my spine for the epidural and c section needle and i ended up with tingling and numbness of my back for weeks. Was horrific and then had post birth preeclampsia again.

HOWEVER I decided to have a third and although the birth was equally as traumatic (I woke up during the general anaesthetic I had requested for my 3rd c section) and was hospitalised AGAIN for preeclampsia post birth.

But I wouldn't change it for the world. My family is complete and my third is now a year old and I barely think about how awful all the births were, only how beautiful all my sons are smile

I would have another if I were you

10storeylovesong Thu 09-Feb-17 19:10:51

My ds was born at 27 weeks due to a huge blood clot on the placenta. It was touch and go whether he would survive. It was all very traumatic but once the initial fear was over, I told a nurse in the NICU that I was still planning another. I knew it would be a high risk pregnancy.

It's my ds 4th birthday today and I'm 6+1 after ttc for 3 years and 4 mc.

silverfishlondon Thu 09-Feb-17 21:52:32

Thanks for youe messages..
Congratulations Lovesong!
My second is only 2 months so wont need to decide for a whole yet, but you know when you just pucture yiur family one way!
If it was really high risk they would have advised me against more children , right?

silverfishlondon Thu 09-Feb-17 21:53:28

Sorry spelling mistakes..breastfeeding , one handed

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Thu 09-Feb-17 22:02:03

Yes. I have high risk pregnancies with threatened preterm labours, bleeds & some other issues. I'm lucky in that I have relatively straightforward labours though. Modern medicine has helped so far so I'm confident it will this time too. My gynaecologist said he couldn't see an issue either provided I was happy to receive the same interventions as in my previous 2 pregnancies though (dc1 & 2 were less complicated, although I still had issues).

FellOutOfBed2wice Thu 09-Feb-17 22:07:33

Interested to hear people's answers. I have a rare but thankfully easily treated blood disorder. Have had severe hemorrages with both children (despite being assured with the second that they'd done everything to stop it happening again!) Both times I lost half my blood volume and ended up having 5+ transfusions on HDU. I'd love a third baby but seriously worry I would die. I need to speak to someone about it really. DD2 is 5 months now- does anyone know if I'm too late for a birth debrief?

silverfishlondon Thu 09-Feb-17 22:34:23

Not too late for birth debrief. I saw supervisor of midwifes 2 years later just before 2nd birth. Think its fairly common to want to work out what happened once your expecting again. Also my first 2 consultant appointments with secind pregnancy i basically just quizzed them over my first!

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Sat 11-Feb-17 08:58:03

FellOut You'll need to check with your hospital but at mine I know there's no time limit on them.

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