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Can't sleep because of this pain!!

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SleepForTheWeak Thu 09-Feb-17 00:45:38

Bit of background, I'm (nearly) 23 weeks pregnant with DC2 and other than occasional sciatic like pain down the back of my right leg and pelvis, I'm keeping really good health.

Today however has brought a new pain to my back. It's a very sharp, strong sudden pain at the bottom left of my back. It goes as quickly as it comes and it completely catches me off guard. It's been getting worse as the day goes on and now I'm in bed trying to sleep and no matter how I lie this pain is getting more and more frequent. There's no pain in between these 'spells', but it's really sore whenever it happens.

Anyone experience anything similar? Any tips on how I could/should be lying? (I'm usually a tummy sleeper)

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