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Strange Pains

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tizzero Wed 08-Feb-17 13:02:16

Hey. Wondering if anyone can help. I am 14+5 weeks pregnant. Today I've been getting pains in my lower right pelvic area. It's not typical cramping. It feels like something is being kind of squeezed. It's not unbearable pain just annoying. It comes for a few seconds, goes for a fews seconds then comes back. Then there is a big gap. I had the same thing around a week ago and it just went away. No actual cramping or bleeding. Cause for concern?

mistletoeprickles Wed 08-Feb-17 17:10:43

I'd guess stretching pains. In a bit behind you but I have been having these for a few weeks. Baby was checked 2 days ago and all was fine

Ilovecaindingle Wed 08-Feb-17 17:13:27

Maybe round ligament pain. .

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered Wed 08-Feb-17 17:23:22

Either gas, constipation or round ligament pain. Nothing to worry about.

ratchet Wed 08-Feb-17 17:27:06

Thank you guys 😀

ratchet Wed 08-Feb-17 17:27:34

Oops sorry wrong thread

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