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Premature birth

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tutsyflower Wed 08-Feb-17 10:42:50

Hi my son was born 5 months ago at 30 weeks gestation and I am now cooking baby number two yeah😀🍼🎉. I'm wondering if this next little one will pop out early too. I would appreciate any ladies telling of their experiences of premature birth please. also it took 3 yeArs for ds and baby 2 came along quite quickly so could this make a difference I started bleeding with ds at 6 weeks through to 25 weeks I'm 6 weeks now and no bleeding yet is this all good signs for a normal birth?

mumxof3x Wed 08-Feb-17 10:56:55

You do have a higher chance of having another prem obviously but you have an even bigger chance of going to term too. Was there a reason baby was born early, or was it just spontaneous with unknown reasons?

I have five children and my first three went 42,40 and 38. But then ds4 was born at 34 and dd last year I went into labour at 30 but because I recognised it very early on i went to hospital and they put me on a drip to stop the contractions, it did for a little while. She was born 4 days later.

I did have bleeding in all my pregnancies, even the term ones.

cornflakes91 Wed 08-Feb-17 11:09:23

My first was born at 39+4, second at 32+4 due to PPROM and my third at 40+2. I spent my whole third pregnancy convinced she would be prem too then she ended up staying in the longest of all of them! I think your chances of having a subsequent prem baby depend on if they know why they were early, some things such as an incompetent cervix or pre eclampsia make it more likely to re occur but others like infections etc less likely. For me they never found a reason why my waters broke 8 weeks early in my second pregnancy, there was no apparent infections or anything found. I'm now 16 weeks with my fourth and consultant led, they are going to do swabs for infection and cervical length scans again as they did in my third pregnancy just as a precaution but don't expect to find any problems. Fingers crossed I get to term again and so do you!

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