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Hyperemesis medication.

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BlahBlahBlahEtc Wed 08-Feb-17 10:18:20

I'm wondering what other peoples' experiences of HG meds are... I'm a 30 times a day vomiter (9weeks along) and was admitted to hospital because of severe dehydration. After that I was put on Cyclizine which made me so dizzy and knocked me out that they put me on Ondansetron, it worked for about 2 weeks but now I'm being sick again (nausea never went, can't look at food!) Is it a blip or has it just stopped working I wonder, and if it has stopped working then now what? My gp didn't realise there was anything to prescribe apart from Cyclizine and had to ring around to find Ondansetron so I'd like to be prepared before I go back. Thanks everyone.

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