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I don't know if I'm coming or going

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Donnad87 Tue 07-Feb-17 22:56:40

Last week I did 5 pregnancy tests. All were positive. They were faint but definitely positive.
I saw the doctor this morning and before I went I did another test. It was negative.

Doctor wants a urine sample handed in first thing tomorrow for lab analysis.

A second test today has also been negative.

I had cramping, tingling nipples , extreme tiredness and generally just had that pregnant feeling.

Since this morning I don't know what to think. I keep crying.

I've had no bleeding, spotting or abnormal discharge.

Do you think I am pregnant? Am I waiting for a period to appear and miscarriage to happen? Or was I ever pregnant in the first place.

I'm so upset and confused.

user1485778793 Wed 08-Feb-17 04:00:34

Hi, I'd be confused to. Pregnancy tests don't usually say you're pregnant when your not.

I'm sorry I couldn't say if you are or aren't pregnant. Only time will tell. Give it a week and retest. Sorry I can't say anything more helpful xx

Donnad87 Wed 08-Feb-17 10:22:48

Another negative test this morning.

Have sent urine sample to be tested but they won't get results back until Friday.

Feel like I'm living in limbo.

I've now convinced myself I'm not pregnant....but why so many positive tests??


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