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Movement changes - confused

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harleysmammy Tue 07-Feb-17 22:42:10

Ive been in for movement twice now and im 28 weeks, i have an anterior placenta and although it has never effected the movements - i started feeling kicks at 21 weeks and have been feeling and seeing kicks on the outside since 23 weeks - sometimes my baby goes into a different position and kicks the placenta instead of me so i dont feel him as much, it's only happened twice in 7 weeks and otherwise he is a healthy baby and he is a very strong kicker. I was at my midwives yesterday for my 28 week appointment and she noticed in my notes about the two times in hospital and she started to give her advice on when to be worried and when not to be. She said any movement is good but if for example i am used to feeling and seeing kicks at the top of my bump which i am, and then one day i get flutters really low, i should get checked just incase. She then said if the movements reduce or i dont feel him to get checked obviously and if there is an increase in kicks i should get checked. I'd never heard of increased movement being a worry, sometimes my baby is a lot more active in the evening one day and then a lot more active in the morning another day, i've always assumed that was a good thing and i thought as long as he's kicking away it didnt matter. Should i really worry if he moves more than he does the majority of the time?

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