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Antenatal course in Notting Hill

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pattilou Tue 27-Feb-07 15:45:48

Last chance to book a place for my one day course this Saturday. It's designed to complement the NCT / NHS classes, and is all about preparing for the emotional challenges of becoming a parent, a subject which isn't really covered in the traditional antenatal classes.

More information on my website, Coaching for Mothers

If you say you're from MN I'll discount the place to only £30 including lunch and a fab goodie bag.

(P.S. I have posted properly in the classified section, but lots of people don't look there)

pattilou Tue 27-Feb-07 15:47:02

Whoops, link didn't work.

Here it is: Coaching for Mothers

lulumama Tue 27-Feb-07 18:43:31

have had a look at patti;s site ! i think it looks great and this a fab price for a course ! i am hoping patti might bring her classes to the NORTH WEST SOON!

we have a real lack of antenatal classes here, NHS ones only at the moment, and they don;t really go into the detail that i think this sort of course provides....i fell asleep in the NHS ones i went to

and a goody bag ! woo hoo ! got a warm drink on the NHS ! LOL xx

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