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Right, I'm embarrassed. I've started snoring. What shall I do?

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boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Tue 27-Feb-07 15:22:02

I'm 36 weeks pg today and as of about two weeks ago I started snoring.

Dh has banished me to the spare room (not as bad as it sounds, the bed is really comfy and I can sleep with the cat!) because he cannot sleep due to the noise.

Is this a usual pregnancy complaint? If so, will it go after I've given birth (assuming that I manage any sleep, with a new born in the room!)?

Is there anything I can do to stop it?

I feel mortified! I've never snored before!

99redballoons Tue 27-Feb-07 15:35:39

Not sure about whether the snoring will go (but I'm sure it will), but all I can say is do whatever you have to to make sure you get a good nights sleep now as they will be few and far between for many months afterwards!

My dh only snores when he's been drinking (won't be your situation) or he's really tired (could be your situation). He also only snores when he is on his tummy (which won't be your situation!). Has your dh noticed if you snore when on your side or back? Are you quite tired atm? (who isn't this stage in pg!)

99redballoons Tue 27-Feb-07 15:36:17

sorry, not much help at all!

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Tue 27-Feb-07 15:38:44

I sleep on my side, but yes I am really tired! I start maternity leave on Thursday, so can get some sleep during the day, maybe that will help? It is really embarrassing!

Booboobedoo Tue 27-Feb-07 15:39:14

Can't give any practical advice.

What I can say, though, is that at this stage of pregnancy DH would be the one being kicked out of bed, snoring or no snoring!

Will Google for helpful links, hang on...

massagemum Tue 27-Feb-07 15:40:47

When you are pregnant I think that your sinus's become more blocked and this results in snoring.
If you try sleeping on your side this should help.

Booboobedoo Tue 27-Feb-07 15:41:07

Here you go! You are normal.

Hulan Tue 27-Feb-07 15:45:06

Hi. I also started snoring when pregs and DH is now 15 months and haven't managed to quite kick the habit yet. But that's probably due to the fact that he still isn't sleeping through the night so I'm permanently exhuasted [hmmm]

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Tue 27-Feb-07 15:49:07

Thank you! I will see if I can get a nasal strip! I mean I don't know why I'm so the fact I'm quite possibly going to poo myself and scream at the top of my lungs in four weeks' time should be far more but for some reason snoring just seems so... well I mean it's snoring isn't it?

divastropwantstodrop Tue 27-Feb-07 16:21:15

hi mossy

i have suffered from this problem in all my pregnancies,mainly in the last few weeks.when im not pregnant,i only snore if i've got a really bad cold and can't breathe through my nose IME it does go away after the baby is born.

dp says im worse when im on my right hand side for some reason.he says it doesnt bother him though,so nobody's been banished from the bedroom.

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Tue 27-Feb-07 16:24:26

Oh Diva I'm glad it goes away afterwards! I've never had it before!

Dh is very precious about his sleep. Omg if he can't deal with snoring what on earth's he going to do when we have a newborn? Ah well not long now until I find out!

Piffle Tue 27-Feb-07 16:27:00

I know my breathing has got more noisy... but I'm not snoring but i do know it's common in late pregnancy
Your other half should be vacating agree on that one.

when dp snores which is rarely I just use cotton wool in both ears, works perfectly!

divastropwantstodrop Tue 27-Feb-07 16:30:28

men have an amazing ability to sleep through babies crying...whereas we women tend to wake up if they so much as move.even if they're in a different room

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Tue 27-Feb-07 16:34:29

I don't mind the spare room. It used to be our bedroom until we moved the bed into the back room (now the nursery). It's very comfy!

But I have told dh that if he can't sleep when lo is born he will be the one in the spare room!

littlefrog Tue 27-Feb-07 16:57:53

oh a fellow sufferer! I'm 35 and a bit weeks, and have apparently been snoring since 20something weeks. It is embarrassing, isn't it! The worst is that I actually wake myself up with the noise - and then can't go back to sleep again for worrying! I hope Diva is right and that it'll stop when the baby comes out!

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Tue 27-Feb-07 17:19:27

Littlefrog we're not alone!

It is very I think because normally you think of snoring as quite amusing, as long as it's done by someone else, in a different room!

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