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Advice please

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user1486497562 Tue 07-Feb-17 20:02:26

Hi all,
I'm 4 weeks +4 days for the past 3 days I've had a lot of pains in my lower stomach going into my back I suffer with anxiety quite bad and I'm so scared something is wrong with the pregnancy I've not had any spotting has anyone else experienced this at this stage is
It normal or should I be worried

Thanks xx

thewindisfullofghosts Tue 07-Feb-17 20:37:04

Try not to worry, pains in pregnancy are common and often nothing to worry about. I had very severe cramping at about 4-5 weeks, no bleeding; it woke me up and was so bad I would vomit. I was referred to the EPA where I had an internal scan at 5 weeks. Everything was absolutely fine, I'm now 22 weeks. I would make an appointment with your doctor though, just so they can check you out, or call the early pregnancy assessment unit at your local hospital, if there is one. I'm sure it will be okay OP, but I know how worrying it can be.

user1486497562 Tue 07-Feb-17 20:39:58

Thank you so much for replying!
I've been to the doctors today she wants to do some swabs Thursday and a urine sample tomorrow as she didn't have time today. She felt my stomach though and said that my stomach felt fine and it could just be pains due to implantation I've got 2 other children and never experienced this with them xx

thewindisfullofghosts Tue 07-Feb-17 20:48:02

Glad the doctor is on the case! I had implantation cramping too, I had no idea pregnancy could be painful, I don't know why it didn't occur to me it might be! It could be something like a UTI, apparently they're common in pregnancy. I hope you get news soon. X

user1486497562 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:05:57

Thank you me too I did say to her could it be a uti because of where I hurt but she didn't have time to do a urine sample I'm dropping one of for her tomorrow morning. Hoping it is something as simple as a uti that can be treated I'm sure it's nothing I've been taking regular tests daily and the lines are getting stronger so that's got to be a good sign hopefully doctors will bring me good news thanks again for replying means a lot

user1486497562 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:07:13

This is my test from a couple days ago and the darker one is from today this afternoon xx

thewindisfullofghosts Tue 07-Feb-17 21:11:39

I understand, I get worried at every twinge, wondering if it's normal! There don't seem to be any photos, but if you're getting strong positives, that's good. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry too much. X

user1486497562 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:42:50

Oh it said the pictures posted oh well,
Yes I will try and stay calm everyone seems to say as long as there's no spotting or bleeding then take it as being normal so I'll try xx

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