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So many feelings!

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HugtimePoppy Mon 06-Feb-17 22:08:51

Have one child, 6 yo, and have just found out I'm pregnant. So many feelings going on right now....

We'd chatted about number 2 so was planned, just didn't think it would happen so quick (only started trying few months ago).

One feeling - scared, have we left too much of an age gap? How will 6 yo feel?
Next feeling, and I don't know if this is just being CRAZY, but I feel almost a sense of mourning that it won't just be my 1 child anymore - is that completely bonkers?
Other feelings include anxiety (it's been sooo long) and some more scared (precious miscarriages and complications)

So many emotions!

I'll be honest, i don't even know what kind of responses I'm looking for here, just some reassurance i guess, that these crazy feelings will pass...???

Denna81 Mon 06-Feb-17 22:18:52

There's six years between my brother and I was so excited to get a sibling when He was born. We've pretty much always been really close apart from a few years when I was an angsty teen and too cool for all things family. Pretty sure I drive him crazy being so protective but we have a good relationship.

I'm currently 11 weeks with my first and crazy anxious about pretty much all of it. Totally worth talking through concerns with your midwife as mine has been great at getting me some extra support to help manage this.

Hope this helps and congratulations!

CharMamaof2 Mon 06-Feb-17 22:23:44

Congratulations! I don't think it sounds crazy at all!
I felt similar emotions when we fell pregnant with our 3rd. There will be a 4 year age gap, is it too much? My older 2 get on so well and will be closer in age, will someone feel left out? Mine was also planned, but have we done the right thing? I felt more anxious at the 12 week scan than I did with my other 2. The minute we had our scan and baby began to move and we told our 2 DD it's been absolutely amazing, and their responses have been brilliant. I completely understand how your feeling, but for more the excitement has taken hold and the anxiety has lessened!

LastnightaDJ Tue 07-Feb-17 07:46:08

Hey Poppy we hv a 6 yr age gap too! Can relate to the "mourning" over 1 child... Gotta run now but just wanted to say hi!!!

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