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Travelling abroad at 33 weeks

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peanuthead Tue 27-Feb-07 13:04:56

I'm only 14 weeks now but we've got a family wedding in Tuscany in July and I'll be 33 weeks. At the moment I'm determined to go as it'll be fantastic but as this is my first pregnancy I've no idea what it's like to be 33 weeks pregant. Will I be up to gallumphing about in 90 degree heat? And will I want to?

I know about restrictions to flying (drs note etc) but just wondered whether we should book flights or wait and see. DH has suggested driving if I can't fly!! (He's got a lot to learn..... thinks I'm being unreasonable by saying I won't spend 2 days in a car at nearly 8 months pg..)

TheBlonde Tue 27-Feb-07 13:08:46

The other restriction is getting insurance cover

peanuthead Tue 27-Feb-07 13:23:02

Yeah, but someone somewhere on here kindly posted the name of a company that will do it so that shouldn't be a problem.

When I told MIL I might not be able to make it (it's their family) she said, "oh i went on holiday to newquay when I was 6 months pg and I was fine" Thanks for that....

sideways Tue 27-Feb-07 13:30:01

The airlines might not want to take you.

Cocobear Tue 27-Feb-07 14:23:03

I'm planning a flight at 35 weeks.
BA will take you up to 36 weeks with doc's note. Check out their website for details. I'd be wary of booking too far ahead - but if you're feeling good at say, 26 or 28 weeks, then go for it. Still plenty of time to book a flight.

Make sure you take flight socks to avoid DVT and drink lots of water (so you can spend the whole flight in the loo).

As previously mentioned, someone has found an insurance company that will help.

Don't drive - that's not even funny.

Far more important, though: check to make sure your chosen footwear still fits near the time you leave - you might swell up to another size that late, especially in the heat. And you don't want to wear bad shoes to an Italian wedding, do you?

lou031205 Tue 27-Feb-07 14:26:36

You will just have to be really sure of your dates - cutting it fine to the 36 week limit. also consider that if you did have baby early, like 34 weeks, which is not massively prem, different airlines have restrictions from 48 hours-6 weeks before they can travel, & would have to obtain passport for baby, etc. If you had a c-section, couldn't fly for 10 days anyway.

But, I think that 33 weeks itself is manageable for Tuscany, so that being said, enjoy it!

geordiemacminx Tue 27-Feb-07 14:33:45

I'm 31 weeks and have just come back from Barcelona, it wasnt that hot, but I managed fine, flight was just over 2 hours, had a little nap, had a little walk around, drank plenty and had my sexy flight socks on..

Obviuosly everyone is different, if the flights are going to be considerably cheaper now then I would book then you can always cancel, rather than waiting til a few weeks before.. I had a doctors letter, no one even asked me if I was pregnant, how far along I was or if I had a note..

Also Greenbee travel insurance is the company I used, I posted about it a wee while ago, they are part of the john lewis group. Think it was £40 for me and dp for a week, so not even much more than if I hadnt have been pregnant. HTH

peanuthead Wed 28-Feb-07 11:14:41

Thanks, feel slightly reassured..

I had to laugh re shoes - I won't be worying too much about my outfit - might even wear fancy flipflops... KNowing me and the amount I'm eating and the fact I already have a bump at 14 weeks I'll be huge.

If I've had the baby - I'm not going!

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