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Vulval variscosities - anyone else?

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littlefrenchonion Mon 06-Feb-17 20:40:51

Sorry if TMI... Since about 20 weeks, downstairs has felt very 'full' and heavy, especially after her waking up or if I really need the loo.

Went out with some friends today (am now 27 weeks) and during the meal went to the loo and felt a weird sensation, almost like a pop, and a subtle stinging sensation. To my horror there is a big, fluidy swelling on one er... side (outer). I never had this at all with DC1!

Dr. Google and his disturbing slideshow of fanny photos has diagnosed a vulval varicose vein.

Anyone else had/have this? Please tell me it'll go shock It looks horrendous and it feels very odd!

Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 08-Feb-17 16:37:23

I sympathize with you! I have it sad I had it with my first son and it disappeared a week or two after the birth. This time round I have had it from around 12 weeks. I am still pretty active but if I don't wear the compression tights it becomes sore if I am on my feet too long. They say these things get worse the more pregnancies you have. Let your mid wife know and she might take a look as I know it can possibly cause complications if far back during the birth. Hold on in there, won't be long until your baby arrives and it will probably be gone smile

otherstories Wed 08-Feb-17 16:42:59

Waaaah! YES! Awful varicose veins all up my left side from ankle to pelvis. I was told no issue apart from discomfort and it'll go. Sucks though...

littlefrenchonion Wed 08-Feb-17 17:18:08

Thank you smile I saw my consultant today (for another issue) and he said... "it doesn't look pretty (blush)but it will go, don't worry about it"

Feel a bit better today, have found stuffing a rolled up flannel in between two pairs of pants seems to help and I look like I have a prosthetic penis in the wrong trousers but at least I can walk comfortably. Oh the glamour!

Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 08-Feb-17 18:23:13

Oops I bet no woman looks pretty down there in pregnancy smile

Pressure to hold it 'up' does make it feel better. Glad you have found a solution for the meantime.

I have consultant next week as on top of this I have a suspect lump sad

I'm really feeling sorry for myself this week and find chocolate is helping me get through at this point smile

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