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Work rights - hour changes

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user1470244422 Mon 06-Feb-17 14:42:28

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and didn't want anyone to know till I knew 100% what I was doing.
Anyway I've had some time off work signed off from the doctor.. I had bleeding
I have decided to keep the baby.
I have heard someone at work as been asking everyone if I'm pregnant ... I've told one girl who I trust with my life .. and my managers...
Now i asked my manager how she knows and she said she will of just guessed?... I don't think so! So obviously that's annoyed me.. a breach of confidentiality

Anyway there was talk of me coming back to work and they wanted me to change departments .. which I really don't want to do.. why should I?..
I've asked if I could change my hours to earlier because I get severe morning sickness in the eveneing ... they said they'd look at it.. I get the bus (2 buses) and I don't want to be having to get off the bus at 8:30 at night to be sick and having to wait another half hour to get the next one ... so they offered me to finish an hour later than usual on a different department!!.. it's pointless I'm still in the same postion as before!..
Do I have to accept they can't change my hours..
They are open 24/7.. as it's a supermarket ? Or do I have rights at what's best for me ?

user1468957349 Mon 06-Feb-17 15:22:01

If you are contracted to those hours or have an assumed contract through the amount of time you've been doing the job, then you are limited. They have to consider your request but they do not have to accept it. What they do need to do though, assuming you've followed the correct business process (flexible working policy or something like that) is give you the reasons why they cannot accept your request. If they have a business case for it there is little you can do. May be best to seek advice from your union Rep or if you aren't in a union, give ACAS a call

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