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No bump, no symptoms help!!

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user1486212436 Sat 04-Feb-17 13:03:50

Hello, I'm driving myself mad! I've got my 12wk scan next week. I managed to conceive on my second round of IVF but got OHSS and ended up in hospital at 4 wks with it. Had scan at 6 wks and there was sac and wee heart beat. I've had no scan since. I've got no bump whatsoever, infact I've been losing weight and only symptoms I've had where up to a few weeks ago with sore breasts, constipation and the odd bit of mild nauseousness. For the past 3-4 weeks I've had nothing and feel totally normal. So terrified that I will show up to scan to no heartbeat. My family and close keep dismissing me but it's so hard not to feel this way after such a long slog to conceive in the first place! From being so ill with OHSS to now having no pregnancy symptoms is just odd. Sorry to all those that are suffering with vomiting and are showing already at 12 but I'd find that more reassuring. I know what will be will be but looking for bit of support- thanks in advance ❤

Ponderingprivately Sat 04-Feb-17 13:12:37

op I can see why this would stress you out, and it's difficult to reassure you but, I'll try!
1) With my first pregnancy I had no iota of a bump until about 16-17 weeks, this is normal in your first pregnancy, your stomach muscles are still quite tight so that I wouldn't take as a sign of anything bad.
2) The percentage chances of miscarriage are actually quite low after you have seen a viable heartbeat - not impossible but low.
3) It is normal for symptoms to come and go at any point in a pregnancy. With DD I felt like shit in every way for the whole thing. With DS I felt a bit sick, and sore boobs until 9 weeks, then it just went away and I was fine for the rest of my pregnancy. Everyone is completely different - you mustn't compare.
4) If you have not had any bleeding, you are much more likely to be okay than not.
5) Your post suggests you are most nervous about a missed miscarriage showing at your 12 weeks scan. Of course, nothing is impossible but this only happens in around 1% of pregnancies, particularlyh after you have seen a heartbeat.

Lots of luck and hugs to you, you are very likely to be just fine.

user1486212436 Sat 04-Feb-17 13:46:50

Thank you so much, this has given me great comfort! 💪🏻 X

Fiona2475 Sat 04-Feb-17 17:18:21


I could have just wrote your exact post. Im 11 weeks and have my scan on Wednesday. I had a scan at 7+2 and saw a heartbeat but I have had no symptoms (like not one) the whole time I've been pregnant.

I'm so worried about the scan that I keep getting upset just thinking about. Hopefully if we're both feeling like this it means everything is as it should be. X

Bloopbleep Sat 04-Feb-17 17:29:20

I'm 19w with no2 and I have a part time bump that first appeared the other day but sometimes disappears for half a day. With my first I didn't have a bump until over 20weeks and didn't look pregnant until a few weeks before I gave birth. Everyone is different. At 12 weeks any bump is bloating and wind but no one likes to admit that

I totally understand the fear of not feeling pregnant but you're going to have to try and trust your body. We all know what the worries are but on the grand scale it's quite rare. Anxiety doesn't really disappear with 12 week scan as once the sickness and fatigue passes you feel normal and great and worry there's something else wrong as you don't feel shit anymore. It was suggested to me and allow myself five minutes a day to pander to my anxieties and then stop and get on with life. Mostly it works

HellsBellsK Sat 04-Feb-17 17:38:46

Im only 10 weeks - but last week I had a little wobble as all my symptoms disappeared overnight. I booked a scan and everything was perfect.
I was the same about missed miscarriages - I googled everything about them I was driving myself crazy. I have now stepped back and not googling anything. Im not bleeding or cramping so not going to worry.

Agree with Bloop I don't have a bump at all - but I am so bloated tonight with horrible trapped wind that my belly is swollen and sore. I don't think ill get a bump till around 17+ weeks. Just hope this bloating/trapped wind disappears quickly.

Try not to worry but I know its very hard not to flowers

Writerwannabe83 Sat 04-Feb-17 21:31:35

With my first DC I had no visible bump until I was about 19 weeks pregnant. I had two or three days of sickness when I was about 10 weeks pregnant but was otherwise symptom free.

I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant with DC2, my stomach is huge and I was nearly admitted to hospital the other night with hyperemesis due to vomiting every 45 minutes. I've been so ill with this pregnancy I've so far been signed off work for a month.

I know which scenario I prefer out of my two experiences.

You're bound to feel nervous OP but try to put any negative feelings out of your mind and I'm sure everything will be just fine flowers

Gosling79 Sun 05-Feb-17 13:42:17

Thanks fiona2475- our minds are our own worst nightmare aren't they? I'm sure scanxiety is an actual thing! Best of luck for Wednesday. As people are saying we will just have to trust our bodies and hopefully all will be ok for us both next week. Maybe after that we can try to re-programme our minds to thing positively and be thankful that we've not been ill. Of course I do appreciate that but after 5 years of TTC and then so ill with over stimulation due to fertility drugs I think we are allowed some anxiety!! Until Tuesday I guess that's the way it's going to be! Wishing u all the luck in the world x 💐

Gosling79 Sun 05-Feb-17 13:44:36

Thanks writerwannabe, sorry you've been so ill and I hope it subsides for you soon. Wishing u lots of luck for rest of your pregnancy 🌻

kel1234 Sun 05-Feb-17 13:48:05

I'm sure everything will be okay. I wasn't showing until I was 4.5 months, that was only a tiny bump.

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