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Lottie124 Fri 03-Feb-17 20:35:25

6 weeks pregnant... struggling to come to terms with this pregnany! We both wanted a baby! But now it's all real it's a very scary thought! I'm worried about giving birth! Feeling okay one minuet and crying the next!! Any one else feel like this!! Or am I just the only one?

millyhopemum Fri 03-Feb-17 21:12:55

Its perfectly normal to be feeling mixed emotions. I had so many thoughts when i found out i was pregnant and still now at 16 weeks i still have days where i panic.
You'll soon get over the shock of it all and will start to enjoy the pregnancy. Dont worry about the birth, you will be well looked after. You can always turn to your doctor for any advice or concerns.
Dont worry hun, try to relax x

MumBeth Fri 03-Feb-17 22:51:28

Oh Lottie124 don't worry. Millyhopemum is right, it's normal to have mixed emotions. Having a baby is a massive deal, you'll be bringing new life into the world and your life will revolve around that baby! But the baby will also bring your joy and new excitement. The 1st trimester is probably the most hard to get through, your body will feel like crap and you are having so many hormones rush through you. Buy a few books, maybe a guide through pregnancy and a guide through baby's first year. For me knowledge has helped calm me and face reality. Also everyone on mumsnet is so lovely so you have this place as one support system.

Congratulations and good luck x

ThinkPinkStink Fri 03-Feb-17 22:59:12

I felt exactly the same for a majority of my pregnancy, it just felt so... permanent and life changing (and yet I was terrified that something would go wrong).

Just to reassure you that it's very likely that you'll feel less and less like this as time goes on. By the time your baby arrives, you'll feel very different (though there are still times it feels a bit overwhelming- because it IS a big deal plus you're entirely full of hormones and will be h to after the baby is born).

I wasn't scared of giving birth, I took a hypnobirthing course and felt very much in control and able to cope. As it happened, things did not go to plan with the birth (it was long and resulted in a c-section), but I coped and I didn't freak out and I just went with it until DD was born (she came out perfectly healthy). Even now, only four months later, it's all a blur, as if it happened to someone else. I guess I'm trying to say that even 'shitty' births are fine... and it's probable that yours won't be shitty.

na5ima Fri 03-Feb-17 23:42:47

Completely normal!! I was preg with DS and use to freak out of the thought of birth.. didn't watch any videos on birth as I know I'd freak out and didn't want to stress incase I harm hurt the baby due to stress panic etc so just use to go with the glow and to be honest didn't find the birth all that painful lol I was on gas and air and couldn't remember the pain.. it was frustrating the baby wasn't coming out.. but hey more than the birth the cut on my asss was more painful than anything else.. lol

Lottie124 Sat 04-Feb-17 14:50:08

Thank uou for all the lovely supporting messagings,,, it's good to no it's normal to feel like this! I only found out a week
Ago that I was expecting so I'm still getting my head around it all!

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