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Light hearted Curiousity

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SpwJd Fri 03-Feb-17 17:16:45

So I know this subject can often get blown out of proportion and people often talk about how anyone that is pregnant should be grateful etc. I just want to start by saying hands down We know we are extremely lucky to have two healthy boys and recently found out we are expecting our very much planned third child.

Given that we have two boys both myself and husband thought we would see if any of the old wives tales actually work regarding determining gender. We above all else first and foremost want a healthy child. We've always said we'd love a big family (3-4) so regardless of sex we planned to have a third child and will be happy either way ( we're not havingno3 just to have a girl) but having a daughter would definitely add another dynamic to the family.
But we had to laugh at some of he things we'd been doing. .... I had been eating loads of broccoli in the weeks leading toovulation , staying away from bananas eating lots of nuts. 😂
( without being too Graphic) not going too" uh-him' deep and getting my husband to have a hotshower before we did the deed.
We laughed so much after at how it's probably a load of nonsense.
Only time will tell but just thought I would see if anyone else is crazy like us and has done any crazy things to help determine sex one way or another.

Snowflakes1122 Fri 03-Feb-17 17:31:45

I think there might be something in timing sex around ovulation. It adds up with my timing with my boy and with my girls.
I think my diet was lower fat with my girls too. Definitely ate lots of bananas when I was ttc my boy as I'd heard they helped

When will you find out? Exciting!

SpwJd Fri 03-Feb-17 17:51:04

We did the timing thing too ... well think we did as it was our first month using the clear blue fertility monitor. It never actually said 'peak' like its meant to , just said 'high' for days but generally i tend to know when I ovulate so we tried to time it 4-5 days before.

We're way off finding out ! I'm almost 4 weeks pregnant !
I did read that high calcium 'gets a girl ' but I'm pretty much vegan so couldn't do all the cheese etc.
Who knows!! Interesting to see it worked for you.

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