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Transverse at 34

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NorthLondonmum83 Fri 03-Feb-17 13:03:21

Baby still very stubbornly transverse at 34wks, I'll be assessed in 2 weeks and booked in for c section if she hadn't moved. After natural first birth I felt a little disappointed but obviously whatever results in a healthy baby is just fine with me. Wondered if anyone had experience of this and of how to shift the baby into a good position? Just to say I won't be taking up option of midwives trying to manually turn her, so she either turns or comes out the sun roof!

Redhead79 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:30:51

Google spinning babies. Dd was transverse and she did move into a better (if not perfect) position.

Cosmicbird Wed 08-Feb-17 06:59:36

Was also going to suggest you google spinning babies for ways to turn baby. None of these worked for me on dc4 though but he did end up cooperating at the very very last minute!
Currently in the same boat at almost 38 weeks so just hoping this bubs is as obliging!
Best of luck to you whatever happens smile

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Wed 08-Feb-17 07:05:45

My ds2 was transverse. He wouldn't budge so I had to spend the last 2 weeks of pregnancy in hospital and then have a c-section. I also had a vaginal birth for ds1.

Hopefully yours will move but if not, check out what the policy will be for admitting g you or letting you stay at home. No one warned me I might be admitted for 2 weeks, even though I was being scanned twice weekly at that point. I turned up at hosital for my 37 week check up and they admitted me there and then. Ds1 was 22 months old, he was at the childminder and dh was at work. It was a nightmare and I wish I'd had some warning.

Ds2 is now 18 so it was a while ago, and practice might be different now, but I would ask for what might happen if your dc doesn't move.

Bear2014 Wed 08-Feb-17 09:02:37

Same happened to me as the previous poster. DD was transverse at 34 weeks and still transverse at presentation scan at 37 weeks. They booked me in for my section that day but also told me to go home, pack my bags and come back the next day. I didn't leave the hospital for another 2.5 weeks! Not wanting to alarm you, but I had no warning of this in advance and it would have been nice to be a bit more prepared.

Good luck - they do usually move on their own xx

Bear2014 Wed 08-Feb-17 09:03:25

DD is 3 so this was pretty recent

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