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Blood clot in womb in pregnancy

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rollingonwheels Thu 02-Feb-17 23:47:52

I had some brown spotting (strange was brown first), then red spotting about 4/5 weeks pregnant, it stopped, had an early scan and said I was 6/7 weeks then. They also said that there was a blood clot in there too.
Just wondering if anyone else's experience of having a blood clot confirmed inside womb?
I lost my last pregnancy at 11-12 weeks.
I'm now around 8/9 weeks and I'm still feeling uneasy because of my last miscarriage.

Snowflakes1122 Fri 03-Feb-17 07:51:41

I had one with my son. They are called subchorionic haemorrhages.

I bled heavily 13-18 weeks and baby was fine.

Usually they clear up by 20 weeks or 'resolve' as they call it.
Usually they are of no significance, and the advice in the uk is carry on as normal. In America I notice they sometimes advised resting up if it's bad.
As my bleeding seemed to get worse with activity I rested up over the weeks I bled. No coincidence it helped.
It's scary I know, but hang in there flowers

Lunalovepud Fri 03-Feb-17 16:10:56

I had a little bleed on my 8 week scan and the sonographer said it was small and far away from baby and not to worry. Dissapeared by 12 week scan - either come out and I hadn't noticed or absorbed. Good luck with everything.

sweetchilli77 Fri 03-Feb-17 20:57:59

I had same as Snowflakes1122 I bled at 11, 13 and 15 weeks, the last two being pretty significant with very large clots. I had a sub chorionic bleed, after had passed the clots I've had no further.

I was sent for scans at the time. I was petrified but once reading about it and sharing on here, many woman have had it.

rollingonwheels Sun 05-Feb-17 10:34:46

More bleeding this morning :-(9 weeks today

Lunalovepud Sun 05-Feb-17 16:26:27

rolling can you see your GP / EPU first thing tomorrow? They should be able to give you some advice.

Good luck with everything.

chelle85 Sun 05-Feb-17 17:30:44

I had a pretty big bleed on Thursday at jist under 12 weeks. Scan the next day showed baby was fine. If you have already been told you have a clot I would try not to worry too much as it is likely that which is causing the bleeding but speak to EPU

rollingonwheels Mon 06-Feb-17 12:55:33

Seeing midwife tomorrow and will chat to her then as long as nothing changes.
Had stringy brown spotting today.

Snowflakes1122 Mon 06-Feb-17 13:01:04

Is it any lighter?

Mine went like that towards the end of the bleed.

Good luck with midwife

rollingonwheels Thu 09-Feb-17 14:03:46

Saw midwife she just see how it goes. No bleeding last couple days.
I did ask her about others experiences and blood clots, and whether there still is a chance of loosing my baby after 12 weeks and she said yes there is.

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