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Baby turning

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harleysmammy Thu 02-Feb-17 19:01:11

Is it at all possible for a baby to turn in the space of 4 hours??
On monday i was in hospital for low movements, was monitored and everything was perfect. The next day i had a text saying i had a scan booked for today (nearly had a heartattack turns out its just routine). He was head down on monday, and now today he was breech. I asked where his head was and she said directly at the top right inbetween my ribs which is why the movements changed because he was dancing on my bladder instead of legs up like he normally is. Now 4 hours later my stomach has gone a funny shape and there is a large bump underneath my rib and the other side of my belly button. It looks to me like hes laying across me but obviously i have no idea. It also doesnt feel hard btween my ribs anymore and the movements are higher up than they have been the past two days. Still low but also high. Is it possible for him to have shifted in 4 hours?? I cant believe it was possible for him to have completely turned the opposite way in 3 days haha x

McBaby Thu 02-Feb-17 19:17:31

When they can move they can do it very quickly. My engaged head down always baby turned transverse very quickly.

If you suspect he is lying across your tummy and is transverse please contact the midwives as it can cause problems if you go into labour with a transverse baby.

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