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archersfan22 Thu 02-Feb-17 17:36:01

Currently 10.5 weeks or so (not completely certain) and have been waiting and waiting for my scan date - finally got it and I will be 13 weeks by that time. It seems sooo long to wait to see if there's actually something viable in there.
On the common sense side, I had about four positive tests over a few weeks (have run out now and not going to buy any more now), no bleeding whatsoever, and some pregnancy symptoms eg throwing up some mornings. So it certainly looks like I'm pregnant. On the other hand I'm nowhere near as nauseous or exhausted as I was with my first pregnancy and boobs are not hurting like they did the first time (though are bigger) so that is worrying me a bit, though clearly nothing definite enough to contact midwife and demand an early scan or anything.
We haven't told anyone at all yet, not even parents, as we were waiting for the scan, but I'm starting to think we might need to tell at least my parents as it's getting awkward planning things without being able to explain why we can't go on holiday in the summer, for example. With my first I ended up having an early scan at 8 weeks (long story) so I felt a bit more confident by this stage.

arbrighton Fri 03-Feb-17 08:53:09

Every pregnancy is different so it's not worrying in itself that your symptoms are different to that time.

Have you had your booking in yet?

How close are you to your parents? I told mine pretty much as soon as we found out (first pregnancy) but I'm very close to them and would have needed mum's support if things hadn't continued so it was never a question.

archersfan22 Fri 03-Feb-17 09:17:59

Thank you, yes rationally I know I'm hopefully just lucky to be having a bit less vomiting this time....
I have had my booking in appointment, that was at 8 weeks.
I would say I'm close to my parents, but we don't really talk about things like this - also they live a long way away so wouldn't be any practical help if I were to lose it and need help with toddler etc.
In laws are lovely and live a bit nearer (still nearly 2 hours drive though and don't use mobiles so hard to contact at short notice) but I'd worry about my mother in law getting really excited and then being disappointed if something went wrong. She is a bit of a shopaholic too so I would have to specifically ban her from buying anything until after the 20 week scan I think....

titihood Fri 03-Feb-17 14:20:22

I feel your frustration - when I was booked for my 12-wk scan I realised it would be at 13+6 and was none too happy!

Like arbrighton says, all pregnancies are different. With my last pregnancy I had virtually no nausea nor boob swelling and the only symptoms I had were heightened sense of smell, no period, and some crampy/ligament things. However, this time around I feel sick nearly all the time and both my tummy and boobs have swelled to awful proportions (well, for trying to hide pregnancy until I feel like I can safely tell people).

You don't have too long to wait now, but do you think it could help to talk to a close friend or sibling about it? The only person I have told other than DH is my sister and acupuncturist. It really helps to have someone I can confide my anxieties to!

Keep well and try not to stress too much (which is easier said than done, I know).

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