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8 wks pg and I've "gone off" my dh!

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MonkeyBear Mon 26-Feb-07 17:34:54

am on 4th pg (2 ds's and 1 mc) and as usual feeling very nauseous and being sick umpteen times a day - can just about cope with this. However, my sense of smell has become so ultra sensitive that all sorts of smells are making me feel ill - and now my dh smells awful (I am reliably informed that he doesn't ) and I can hardly bear to kiss him. What can I do?

GhostOfMumsnet Mon 26-Feb-07 17:35:48

spray him with something nice....

nh101 Tue 27-Feb-07 16:25:56

How does he feel about this?? Does he understand?

Piffle Tue 27-Feb-07 16:28:15

I had this with ds, went off my partner so badly, even the sound of his voice made me ill.
Explain that it WILL resolve when the nausea fades maybe by wk 16
Mine did

cupcake78 Tue 27-Feb-07 16:32:17

I have found that most people just smell of food (yuk) but DH really does smell terrible (not really)but he does. I make him have a shower/bath as often as I can but sometimes it doesn't really work. I have told him in a nice way but he doesn't really understand.

He ate curry on Saturday and was banned from anywhere near me. Still think I can smell it.

peanuthead Tue 27-Feb-07 17:22:22

I had the same - mine just smelt vile - esp if he'd had chilli (which he loves) and even the tiniest bit of onion and I couldn't stnd him near me. We kind of laughed about it but think he was slightly put out.. I could onhly kiss him on the cheek for about a month or so. And when he walked in from work, he always stank!

I could also smell dirty cooking pots 2 rooms away - if the washing up wasn't done before bed I couldn't sleep.

It stopped about week 11 (but still nauseous at week 14+...)

Tatat Tue 27-Feb-07 17:31:13

I remember this too, dh's normally lovely armpits especially ( I do like the scented pheremones of my mans fresh but not soaped pits!) made me retch from the next room. No one else could smell anything at all. He was really offended, sadly my nose was ultra sensitive all the way through- think it is linked to sickness though as someone else has mentioned so hopefully it will disappear once your tum has settled down (unfortunately mine didn't and I chundered 24/7 for 9 months - if you've been sick enough to have lost weight suggest seeing GP, mine was v supportive and even prescribed acupuncture to try and combat my weight loss by stoping me being sick, how enlightened for the NHS I thought even though it sadly didn't work)

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