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3 days late & watery clear discharge?

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Gemmaxo Thu 02-Feb-17 12:20:10

Hi so I'm now 3 days late & im having slight cramps but more like aches, accompanied by watery clear discharge. I keep thinking its my period but still no AF. I have been actively TTC since my miscarriage in November. My last period was December 30th and around the 16th of January I started spotting brown/red blood for around 5 days on/off. I will be doing a test tomorrow but can any advise what they think? As the discharge is throwing me off. Thanks X

Gemmaxo Thu 02-Feb-17 13:11:54

Any advice?

drinkyourmilk Thu 02-Feb-17 14:39:56

I had an increase of discharge very early on. Good luck

Gemmaxo Thu 02-Feb-17 17:59:49

I've had 2 miscarriages so I'm hoping I am

MrsCharlieD Thu 02-Feb-17 23:05:21

I got my bfp today at 12dpo. I've been having increased watery cm and cramps as you described. Fingers crossed for you x

Gemmaxo Fri 03-Feb-17 14:57:50

Still no AF but did a HPT yesterday and still BFN. Is it still possible I could be pregnant ? (The test I used wasn't early detection)

Gemmaxo Fri 03-Feb-17 14:58:47

I am now 4 days late

Ourbabby Fri 03-Feb-17 15:01:13

This was one of my symtoms, and the clear discharge lasted up till around 5 weeks pregnant. Good luck!

FrizzBombDelight Fri 03-Feb-17 15:02:40

I'd be trying one of the early detection ones with first urine. Good luck!!

Gemmaxo Fri 03-Feb-17 15:16:42

I stupidly bought the wrong test haha, I'm gonna test again tonight then in the morning. I will keep you updated

Gemmaxo Sat 04-Feb-17 10:53:31

Still no AF & still getting BFN. Now 6 days late! What's going on!!

Uiscebeatha85 Sat 04-Feb-17 12:09:59

I got a BFN in the early days with my first pregnancy, it's possible! Keep POAS

Gemmaxo Sat 04-Feb-17 13:42:12

It's so frustrating sad

Afreshstartplease Sat 04-Feb-17 13:44:05

What tests are you using op? I took me ages to get a positive with my last pregnancy , I eventually got one on Frer but even then others were saying negative

Gemmaxo Sat 04-Feb-17 16:20:01

I'm just using a cheapie unbranded ones, I had a few left from my last pregnancy

Afreshstartplease Sun 05-Feb-17 07:47:16

Are they still in date?

GreenGoblin0 Sun 05-Feb-17 08:10:20

sorry for your loss OP. it can take a while for your cycle to get back to normal after a MC.

Gemmaxo Mon 06-Feb-17 21:00:55

Now 7 days late and still getting BFN

Gemmaxo Tue 07-Feb-17 10:51:55

AF has officially arrived

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