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Movements and paranoia.

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InsaneMummyOfThree Wed 01-Feb-17 21:16:14

OK, so I posted just over a week ago about decreased movements and bump changing shape. When I went in to be monitored the unit was very busy and they made me feel abit like I was being a pain because I was monitored and baby was fine. The midwife looking after me seemed really annoyed. Anyway babies movements have continued to be "different" from what they were. I was feeling big movements, rolls and strong kicks. Now I'm only feeling little tickles very low down and sometimes a sensation which feels like my belly is going to pop with pressure but I don't actually feel the baby moving around. They did say that baby was in an awkward position lying head down but side on with its legs towards my side. I also have anterior placenta. I'm still feeling baby, Should I be worried about movements or am I being paranoid??!!!

annlee3817 Wed 01-Feb-17 22:39:24

I had it drummed into me that any change in movement should be checked out. I never hesitated to call, and didn't care if it annoyed them, I felt that it was more important to get checked out. My midwife said that they would rather see someone 100 times and all be fine than they not go and there be a problem.

I went in three times in all, everything was fine and my DD arrived naturally at 40+5. Don't let one moody midwife stop you getting checked out.

SuziC1984 Thu 02-Feb-17 07:40:58

I feel excatally the same and had pretty much an identical experience with the movements as you, I've been in 3 times due to worries about reduced movements although had good experience really, all times the baby has been fine although I've also had 2 scans to make sure! midwifes haven't minded or appeared not to even though they've been really busy and I would go again if I was worried as you never know. Everyone has an off day on occasions and although that doesn't make it right we can all relate to it! How far are you? Xx

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