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Not wondering what's normal

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cazzy80 Wed 01-Feb-17 19:44:14

Hi all,

I found out on Monday that I am expecting. Today I made an appointment with our local epu for the end of next week when hopefully I will be close to the 6 week mark. I have previously had 2 miscarriages so I am feeling very anxious even though I feel very different this time.

I can't help being anxious at every twinge and I am trying to hope this is normal. I feel like I have light pre-menstrual cramp so obviously I hope this doesn't develop into anything else!

I guess I am just looking for some reassurance so I would welcome any advice?

Thanks smile

Helbelle75 Wed 01-Feb-17 19:48:07

I don't think it gets any easier after a miscarriage sadly! I'm 30 weeks now and still worry about every twinge and ache. I thought it would be better when I felt baby move, but I worry when there's not much movement, then worry when there's a lot...
Congratulations on your pregnancy and just try to enjoy it.

cazzy80 Wed 01-Feb-17 19:50:28

Thanks Helbelle75, I guess I'm just paranoid as everything feels 'tight' if that makes sense. I feel so much different this time than the last twice so hopefully all will be good. I am sure you are glad to be at a much later stage, I am trying to stay as positive as possible that this time I will get there also smile

jinglebellmel Wed 01-Feb-17 20:29:03

Yes sounds totally normal smile I'd had 2 miscarriages before this pregnancy and even at 20 weeks I'm still suffering a lot with anxiety, pregnancy after a miscarriage is not fun! I probably had more cramps with this pregnancy in the early weeks than with either of the miscarriages or my pregnancy with ds, they weren't a sign of anything sinister. Good luck

m33r Wed 01-Feb-17 20:35:04

I'm 13 eeeks after three MCs and also have had a lot more pains and stretches with this one. It's so hard to relax. flowers

cazzy80 Wed 01-Feb-17 21:26:32

Thanks for your reassurances, I'm so bloated and I think that is making me uncomfortable. Plus at the same time I'm afraid to get too used to it all incase something goes wrong. I'm just going to try and take it a day at a time and hopefully if/when I make it to next Friday for the early scan that I will see something positive and start to believe in it all even more.

I want to be excited but the apprehension never leaves flowers

jinglebellmel Thu 02-Feb-17 19:21:30

One day at a time. There will come a point when you feel able to get excited, but it's totally normal to feel like this right now.

beck3001 Thu 02-Feb-17 19:37:36

Sorry for your loss! flowers

I really don't think it gets any easier! I had my six week scan which went well.. 12 week scan tomorrow and I absolutely can not settle myself! So I understand how you feel!
But I hope all is well!! And I hope at some point we can get excited!

cazzy80 Fri 03-Feb-17 11:17:19

Aww good luck today Beck3001... I hope everything goes well for you and maybe you will settle a little after today when hopefully everything will be great xx

beck3001 Sat 04-Feb-17 12:09:03

Thank you! Everything went well. Third time lucky for us both I hope! X

cazzy80 Sat 04-Feb-17 14:23:22

Great news, I am delighted for you!x

Cheerizpaz Sun 05-Feb-17 03:27:49

Im 7 days late, took PT last wednesday, turned out positive, then next day till now im experiencing on and off bleeding, sometimes red, dark brown to almost brown. No cramping. tried to test again today feb.5 -looks positive. But im really worried, my check up is on wednesday. Anyone experiencing same?

Doughnutsandrainbows Sun 05-Feb-17 12:50:50

Hi, just wanted to say I'm feeling the same anxiety. I've had 4 m/cs previously and really don't know what is normal and what is not. I thought I had narrowed down the feeling as to when things start to go wrong, but apparently not, as am currently the furthest I have been. Just trying to take each day as it comes.
Best of luck x

cazzy80 Sun 05-Feb-17 14:00:29

Cheeri I can only say that sometimes what your experiencing is nothing to worry about but you must take it easy and just hope everything goes ok. In the nicest way possible, it is really a waiting game which is so anxious... I sometimes wonder if I ever will reach the stage where I settle but it will do you no good to panic. If things get worse, please try and get seen to earlier. I wish you all the best x

Donughts I honestly don't think the anxiety will ever leave. I feel bad sometimes for being jealous of people who I seem to think have be perfect textbook pregnancies for want of a better word but it is so very hard. Congratulations for persevering and I hope everything goes well for you and the rest of your pregnancy is happy and healthy. Hopefully we will be blessed with beautiful healthy babies at the end of this road which sometimes seems so very long and windy x

Cheerizpaz Mon 06-Feb-17 02:59:19

Thank you for the encouragement and advise, it really helped. It will be my first pregnancy if God permit. All i can do now is wait and see..hoping for positive result. Godbless everyone.

LauraLovesDaisy Mon 06-Feb-17 09:57:54

I had terrible period pains when I was first pregnant (as in upto 5 weeks) with my daughter. I was convinced my period would start but the pains went away. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy x

cazzy80 Mon 06-Feb-17 10:15:17

Cheeri how are you feeling now?

LauraLovesDaisy thanks for the good wishes.. I just cannot wait until Friday is here. I haven't been having too many symptoms except the sore boobs and occasional nausea but I am afraid to say it's definitely the pregnancy as I have the fear of going on Friday only to hear bad news. I am much more settled and positive this time though so I just hope it will all be good!

Cheerizpaz Thu 09-Feb-17 02:10:21

Hi cazzy, lab test says its positive. But they still couldnt see anything in the ultrasound. Dont know whats wrong, but maybe i ovulated late..but if to base on my LMP in already 5 weeks or so. Dr. said to do U/S again after a week and still experiencing light bleeding without pain.sometimes cramping is there for like seconds but its bearable.

cazzy80 Thu 09-Feb-17 08:36:28

I can imagine what you are going through, the constant fear is there I am sure. Keep positive anyway and let me know how your next u/s goes, I am rooting for it to be good news for you x

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