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How to keep mind off waiting??!!

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Smurf123 Wed 01-Feb-17 08:41:51

End of Dec I had what I thought was af, it lasted longer than normal, just wasn't quite right. Bra was too tight and sore by mid afternoon. The tap water tasted funny. Nausea was coming and going.. I read online maybe do a test.. I did it was positive. A few days later I had more bleeding relatively light and no cramps. Waiting q week did another test this time negative. I thought.. Disappointing bt I hadn't missed a period so it had obviously sorted itself out whatever it was we could try again (we had mmc in August). 2 weeks later though af had arrived again.. Already had docs appointment booked bt still a week away. Anyway yesterday I go to my doc and explain all and she thinks chemical pregnancy as I've had the negative home test around 10th Jan. But says to tick all the boxes she wanted me to do one of theirs. She told me she was certain it would be negative. But I did thir test and it wasn't it was positive. So now I have to go to epu for a scan doc says don't get hopes up maybe it was something and its sorting itself out or and isn't really sure she says it wouldn't be positive got nothing. Earliest I can get scan is Friday. Today I get up and there's a tiny bit when I wipe (sorry this). I really don't know what to do. im trying to put it out of my mind but it isn't working and 2 more days seems like so far away. Any tips for the waiting game. .

GreedyDuck Wed 01-Feb-17 09:18:36

Nope sorry, it's a shit situation to be in, but imo it's pretty impossible to stop thinking about it. flowers

My 'waiting and seeing' dragged on for two weeks, so I hope the epu manage to give you some answers on Friday.

I took a few days off work and holed up on the sofa and binge watched Gilmore Girls.

Smurf123 Sat 04-Feb-17 18:31:14

Thanks greedyduck! I managed to get through the 3 day wait only to get a scan and be told that it looks like its could be a very early pregnancy and from what she can see looks in line with that but too early to see heartbeat etc... And to come back in. TWO weeks!! I understand the reasons why but it is seriously difficult. Im a primary school teacher, in. A special needs school, so all day in school im generally OK as the little kids keep me busy, but evenings and weekends are difficult and mid term break is next week also. after a mc in August and possibly one in December I just want to know whether I can allow myself to get my hopes up just a little bit...

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