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Help. I'm in pain, is it BH or labour?

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Strawberrimoon Wed 01-Feb-17 02:07:22

Tmi post!
sharp shooting rectal pains - like the same sensation as trapped wind - and increased braxton hicks, now 37+5 and FTM. Increased lower abdo/vaginal pressure over the last couple of days but not so much at present. Increased lower back pain over the last couple of days also but again not at present. So uncomfortable and fed up. Paracetamol not effective. Bowels opening and passing wind normally. Not been suffering from SPD or any other pelvic problems. Is this normal as part of BH??

Jenbob13 Thu 02-Feb-17 10:42:45

That is the baby descending further down into your pelvis. Im 37w and have been getting some of the same, MW examined me and my baby is a fifth engaged in pelvis and said that the sharp stabby pains are due to the amount of nerves we have down below and the baby pushes on them as she/he moves down.

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