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Potentially getting induced

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Mrs40 Tue 31-Jan-17 20:56:14

Currently 37 weeks with first baby and due to my age (40) they have said that they will not let me go over my due date and I will be given a date to be induced at consultant clinic next week (when I'll be 38 weeks).

When I saw the local midwife yesterday she said chances are they'll take me in a week early (when I'll be 39 weeks) given that the process can often take 2 days to get success.

Trying not to get my hopes up but I am really impatient to meet the baby as I am sure all mums to be are.

Does anyone have experience of being induced (so that you don't go over 40 weeks rather than 42 weeks) and did you get a choice of dates or the option to go a week early?

Not sure if it is relevant but I am based in Scotland and not sure if there is different criteria here as friends I have elsewhere in the UK weren't induced until they 42 weeks despite being 40.

Thanks !

oliversmummy26 Wed 01-Feb-17 12:07:17

Hi Mrs40, slightly different circumstances, but I was induced at 41 weeks (rather than 42 weeks) and didn't get a choice of dates, but was offered one and I assume that if it hadn't have been suitable I could have changed it..

It was a long old process though, so take lots of things to do and snacks..I went in on the Saturday morning and had only got to 2cms by the Sunday evening. As it was a Sunday they didn't want to break my waters until Monday morning as I wasn't an emergency. Ended up having a section on the Tuesday morning.

So I would advise avoiding weekend dates if you can (as there are fewer staff) and be prepared for a long wait!

thecatsarecrazy Wed 01-Feb-17 15:43:46

I was induced at 39 plus 2 because I had to much fluid round baby and g.d that was only just picked up.
They asked me to come in Thursday morning about 9, put the thing I don't know proper name as its changed about 11am. She told me chances are nothing will happen and I would need another. I was sent off on to the ward I read a magazine, had a walk about, sent d.h home about 8pm as he wasn't allowed to stay. Then about 10pm started getting contractions they came on pretty strong but on and off, went down to delivery about 2am.
It may have happened sooner as this was my 3rd. I don't want to scare you but I also had waters broken and drip and the whole experience was really painful so if you get a chance ask for an epidural

thecatsarecrazy Wed 01-Feb-17 15:46:38

Oh and I gave birth at 12.19 on Friday

Helbelle75 Wed 01-Feb-17 15:49:12

I'm 41 and they want this for me so well. I've had a low risk pregnancy throughout so very reluctant for this to happen. Still got 10 weeks to go though.

savagehk Wed 01-Feb-17 15:51:43

Can you not opt for expectant monitoring? I was 'overdue' (42 weeks, as I was younger than you, but the scan date was wrong) and opted for expectant monitoring. They scan the placenta to ensure it's still working properly and you go for a CTG of the baby's heartbeat every day/second day.

savagehk Wed 01-Feb-17 15:52:32

(edit) upon rereading I think you are happy for the induction to go ahead, and for it to happen sooner rather than later, so ignore my comment smile

Mrs40 Wed 01-Feb-17 16:36:24

Thanks everyone. I'd much rather I go naturally before I get to being induced but as it's more likely I'll need to be induced I'd rather get booked in at 39 weeks rather than 40 as I am so impatient! :-)

I have heard the drip is not at all pleasant and I would likely welcome an epidural. I've also seen the pointy stick thing they use to break waters and it has given me nightmares. They showed us one at our ante natal classes and we had to pass it round. I'd rather not have seen it and just look away if that's what they have to do. Sometimes you can know too much. Eek!

savagehk Wed 01-Feb-17 16:41:21

It's worth asking exactly what type of induction they do at your hospital, and if you are allowed to have a 'mobile epidural' and what type of monitoring they will be using. As you're already 'high risk' they might want to insist on continual monitoring, but that's not usually linked to better outcomes, so you might wish to try negotiate the point, or use remote telemetry if they have it. Also worth checking when they start the induction off, and how - some places give you the gel/pessary and tell you to go home, others won't let you out their sight once they've started, and often kick partners out too until you're in established labour.

thecatsarecrazy Wed 01-Feb-17 17:12:09

Don't be worried about waters being broken you wont see what their doing or feel it. I had so much water tho with every contraction another load would come out. The drip isn't pleasant. They do it a bit at a time but contractions were strong all of a sudden.

Christmasbaby16 Thu 02-Feb-17 16:50:47

I think you're worrying unnecessarily, I was induced at 38 weeks,had the hook to break my water's following two pessaries as they hadn't gone themselves. It doesn't hurt as it just done as part of vaginal examination.

Once waters went I was hooked up to the drip and the frequency was increased, yes it seeds things up but as a first time mum I had nothing to compare the experience too. I laboured for 5hrs and our beautiful baby was born. Yes it was painful but manageable but I do think my mindset of "it will be uncomfortably" prior to labouring helped and I just cracked on. Used gas and air for the last hour of contractions but didn't require any other pain relief and had the g&a removed for last 30min of labour, ended up with ventouse and episiotomy due to foetal distress but it wasn't as bad as one would anticipate.
My advice would be to see how you cope on the day rather than planning now for an epidural (that you may end up being able to cope without).

I had continuous CTG which we preferred as they were able to see any signs of fetal distress instantly especially during contractions and pushing. I would definitely request continuous CTG if we have another child.

No choice regarding induction dates, consultant decision I'm afraid.
Good luck

krisskross Thu 02-Feb-17 16:59:08

Im 42 and 29 weeks. Saw consultant today who discussed fact that they wouldn't want me to go over...slightly different to you though. He said i could request regular sweeps from 39 weeks, or go for pessary induction at 40 weeks or have daily monitoring from 40 weeks. They will let me choose from these bit won't let me go more thsn sevrn days over. Think ill opt for the sweeps....yuk . Good luck.

Jintyj Thu 02-Feb-17 17:10:35

Hi, also in Scotland and was induced as I was 40. I wasn't keen but they laid it on very thick about statistics and I caved. I got a choice of dates - as they weren't too busy probably. I feared the prospect of an epidural massively - probably totally out of proportion! The lovely staff let me go for a while on my own, on my request, till the drip became inevitable. As for pain relief I managed on air and gas with a clicky thing that gave me some morphine type drug when I felt I needed it. Don't get too stressed about what you've heard and try to just take it as it comes and how you feel at the time. Hope it all goes well.

Mrs40 Thu 02-Feb-17 17:24:34

Thanks everyone. Really appreciate all the comments. I know that all births are different but now its getting closer I am obsessing a bit and of course planning in my own mind what is going to happen when of course its going to be completely out of my hands.

I am back at the hospital on Tuesday so will know more then about getting induced unless by some miracle I go naturally before then.

Jintyj - can I ask what hospital you went to? I am due to go to the Queen Elizabeth (was Southern General) in Glasgow.

Jintyj Thu 02-Feb-17 18:04:24

I'm in Ayrshire so Crosshouse. I should have said I was also offered the option of daily monitoring but it was clear they wanted to induce as near 40 weeks as possible.

schokolade Thu 02-Feb-17 20:06:39

With my first I was induced (unrelated to age). I was given the pessary at 6.30 pm and the baby was born by 9 pm. So also be prepared that it might not be slow. Wish I hadn't been so quick to send DH home...

Mrs40 Tue 07-Feb-17 15:21:06

Quick update. Not only did I not get a choice of dates I also didn't get a date at all! Seems the registrar who said I wouldn't go over my date was wrong and also the midwife last week who thought I'd be taken a week early was wrong too.
Saw the consultant and they said there was no medical reason so I have to go back in a weeks time for a sweep and then they'll give me a date to be induced "around" my due date so chances are I could go over.
I'm disappointed as I really wanted to be taken next week but realistically I know its for the best and they wouldn't give me bad advice. It just means I have to be more patient ;-)
Also my iron levels were low (103?) so I have been given tablets and I hope that once they kick in they'll make the next couple of weeks more bearable as I have been exhausted but just thought it was normal to feel like this towards the end.

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