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Oh jesus help me! Here we go again

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sprite25 Tue 31-Jan-17 16:06:25

Hi all. I posted a few days ago about having a terrible cold...well it's only gotten worse. I've been signed off work for a week, I think I've got a bit of everything including abit of the runs and I think now the dreaded morning (all the time) sickness has started. It was so bad with my 1st pregnancy I don't know how I'm gonna cope this time especially while taking care of poorly DD who's 3. DH works full time which includes being away some nights so am scared of all this on my own confused

BecauseICanandIwill Tue 31-Jan-17 17:57:34

Take the time off you need to feel better. Morning sickness is common in pregnancy I had it with my first and worse with my second. Somehow as with all these pregnancy symptoms you get through it. Its harder with a toddler than it was when i had my first and could just take care of me. Do what you can and be as forgiving on yourself as you can. Ask for help from the midwife and doctor if it gets bad and try not to stress too much. I was sick till 18 weeks and now at 28 weeks it feels like another life time away - at the time it felt like it would never end.

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