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pregnant and on travels...

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nicola40 Mon 26-Feb-07 13:16:23

Hi, I just found out (the day before we were due to go on a round the world trip) that I am pregnant! Very excited as its a much wanted first baby, but am really unsure of what I can/can't do when I am away and whether all of the flying (10 flights in 6 weeks) will be dangerous for the baby. We are at our first stop now having arrived yesterday and I must have eaten something bad as I have had sickness and diarrhea all of today and have been in bed the whole time!. I am around 3 weeks pregant (or 5 weeks if you take it from first day of last period), so by the time I get back I will be almost ready for my 12 week scan. Deliberately chose places that do not require malaria tablets or have dubious hygine but seems like I still managed to pick up a bug. I understand I can't take certain medication but just a bit concerned as I did not get a chance to see a doctor before I went and am entirely new to all this! Any advice greatfully appreciated!

cupcake78 Mon 26-Feb-07 15:31:11


I think you need to get some professional advice before you go. Can you at least speak to NHS Direct just so you are given accurate advice.

Take folic acid if you are not already taking it.

foxybrown Mon 26-Feb-07 15:41:44

I flew to Australia twice from UK during first and current pregnancies at about 10 weeks each time.
Can't think of anything in particular, although, yes, do take professional advice. Those support stockings to help with DVT might be advised (but I didn't have to admit). Oh, and ask for an aisle seat - incase you have to pee a lot.

Fingerscrossed2007 Mon 26-Feb-07 17:08:52

NHSdirect won't provide advice if you are out of the country.

Where are you travelling? could you make a doctors appointmtnet wher you are now to get some of the basic info.

Lemmiwinks Mon 26-Feb-07 18:02:17

If you aren't travelling to some exotic, out of reach place you should be fine. Just don't drink tap water (can upset your tummy), make sure fruit and veg are washed well and be careful to only eat very fresh food. As far as flying during pregnancy, just make sure you get up and walk around a lot to keep circulation going in your legs. You are at an increased risk of DVT during pregnancy. You basically can't take any over the counter medication other than paracetamol, so just make sure to drink loads of fluids to help with your tummy bug. Btw, you cannot sit in the emergency isle on the plane when you're pregnant - airline policy - so if you want the extra room and get a seat in the emergency isle, don't mention that you are pregnant or they will sit you elsewhere. But I agree with foxybrown, ask for an isle seat, also because it's easier to get up and stretch your legs. I personally would place a long distance call to your GP though because he/she should be aware you're pregnanct and also they will be able to give you more specific advice. Oh, one other thing, it's very important to keep hydrated whilst flying. Same goes for being out in the heat if you are in a hot climate. Stay away from hot tubs too. Good luck with it all. Happy travels!

Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 26-Feb-07 19:54:19

I'm sure you'll be fine the advice below is fab, agree very strongly with the food and water advice. oh and does your holiday Insurace company know. Be careful that there is not a clause in there about pre-exisiting conditions. Pregnancy is pre-existing and if they are not aware and you have any problems on medical grounds you may have a fight on your hands. I had a problem when I moved abroard at weeks pregnant, who was responsible for the payment of my care became a 8mth battle.
Have a fantastic time and good luck. xxx

pregnanttraveller Mon 26-Feb-07 23:05:46

Thanks for all the great advice (have changed my nickname btw..). Vomiting has stopped now although I do still have diarrhea which is kind of getting in the way of my sightseeing :-). Have also developed a weird aversion to rice which is interesting considering I am in Japan. Great timing! :-)
I did let my insurance company know the morning we left so I know I am covered there which is reassuring. I am wondering if I can rely on any good internet sites for advice while I am away - I am not that close to my GP and have only been a patient there for about 6 months. I am off to Australia in about a week so I might see if I can get some advice there. Am I missing any key milestones when I am away - i.e. blood tests etc or does that all come at the 12 week scan?

Lemmiwinks Mon 26-Feb-07 23:18:41

That's great that your insurance covers you - good thinking, forgot to mention that one. Don't worry, you're not missing any key appointments whilst you are away. You would only need to be seen if you had any unusual symptoms or problems. I would still call your GP b/c if you are going through the NHS for your antenatal care you will need to be booked into whatever hospital you will be going to and as with most things on the NHS, you can't necessarily get an appointment a few days after you call to get one. Plus keep in mind that in a lot of areas the nuchal scan at 12 weeks is not offered on the NHS so you should anyway find out if your hospital offers this, otherwise you might want to make arrangements for a private scan. It's just good to get the ball moving now if you can and be in touch with your GP. Glad your tummy is better!

eidsvold Tue 27-Feb-07 09:17:16

just to let you know - whilst in Aus - they also have a reciprocal care arrangement with the UK. Public health is very good. Know you are covered by travel insurance but thought you might like to know that. Most public hospitals are brilliant. Had my dd2 and now no3 ( due Mar) on the aussie equivalent of the NHS. had fab antenatal care.

foxybrown Tue 27-Feb-07 11:22:08

I had my l2 week scan in Oz, followed promptly by a CVS. Had them done in Sydney - just make sure you get a medicare number so you can claim back. Had to pay as went private, but Medicare still met some of the cost. I did get an unexpected bill afterwards which I was unaware of, but it was sorted out as I didn't get a form I needed to fill out so had no more to pay.
Usually first blood tests done at booking in with your midwife. You could speak to them if you are concerned and ask them to do it before you go. I had concerns about antibodies, so they did mine before I left. Hope this helps, but feel free to contact me if you want any details of where I went in Sydney.

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